What is the difference between ICF ACC and PCC?

icf acc pcc

While searching for coach training, we often come across programs dedicated to life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, and more specializations. Yet, many do not know that the International Coach Federation (ICF) does not provide the actual specialization certification. ICF only provides credentialing to graduates in the form of ACC, PCC, or MCC certification.

It’s also noteworthy that ICF does NOT offer any of its own coach training programs, but it approves other coach training programs and certifies graduates of those training programs. So, how ICF Credentialing works? Understandably, some of us may not be well acquainted with the coaching terms. In this blog, we’ll talk about ICF ACC and ICF PCC and their points of differences.

What is ICF ACC?

ACC stands for Associate Certified Coach and is the first level in ICF Certification. To be an ICF ACC or achieve ICF ACC certification, you have to complete at least 60 coach training hours training through an ACTP or ACSTH program, 10 hours of mentoring, 100+ coaching experience hours, and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). You also require submitting 1 (one) coach-client audio recording with its transcript.

What is ICF PCC?

PCC means Professional Certified Coach. It is a level higher than the Associate Certified Coach program. To obtain PCC Certification, you have to complete at least 125 hours of coach-specific training through an ACTP or ACSTH program, 10 hours of Mentor Coaching, 500+ hours of coaching experience, and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). Additionally, you require submitting 2 (two) coach-client audio recordings with its transcripts.

What are the Certification Courses Related to ICF-ACC and ICF-PCC?

The ACC, PCC, and MCC Credentials simply identify how much training and experience coaches have completed. Once you earn your certification through an ICF-accredited coach training institute (like Coach Transformation Academy), you can then pursue an ICF credential – ACC, PCC, or MCC depending on the hours of training and experience you complete.
You can enroll in either of the three pathways for coach training accredited by ICF – ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), and Continuing Coach Education (CCE). They are valid for ICF Credentialing.

ICC Certification Requirements



Minimum Coach Specific Training Hours

60 125


Mentor Coaching Hours

10 10


Minimum Coach Experience Hours

100 500


Coach Knowledge Assessment Completion Requirement Yes Yes


Audio Recording(s) and Written Transcript(s)

1 2


Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certification course

CTA Certified Professional Coach (CPC) course aligned with the ICF-ACC requirements is of 60 hours duration conducted as online and classroom training sessions. Out of that, face-to-face training takes up 48 hours, and the remaining 12 hours are reserved for assignments and fieldwork. CTA also conduct side-by-side mentor coaching sessions for the trainee to help them complete qualifications for ICF-ACC credentialing.

The objective of the CTA Certified Professional Coach course module is to equip trainees with coaching skills, train on developing coaching competencies, and learn how to work with individuals (clients).

Senior Certified Professional Coach Certification (SCPC) program

CTA Senior Certified Professional Coach Certification (SCPC) program is an ICF ACTP accredited coach training of 125 hours duration. Our SCPC is focused on getting the trainee equipped with advanced coaching skills. Our PCC-centered SCPC training program enhances and deepens coaching skills. It’s the best program to develop your own coaching business and acquire PCC credentialing.

A PCC certification trainee must complete 125 hours of coach training. The face-to-face training takes up 100 hours, and the remaining 25 hours are covered by assignments and fieldwork. Additionally, the trainee is also required to undergo ten hours of mentor coaching for credentialing.

The program modules incorporate professional coaching competencies, coaching models and tools, coaching specializations, coaching leaders and business, and more.

The Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is one of the leading institutes for coach training in Dubai and worldwide. Moreover, CTA has a long history of contributing skilled and knowledgeable coaches with their exceptional coaching modules and programs that uphold ICF coaching highest standards.

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