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Course Overview

Now that you are already a professional coach and practicing coaching, you can deepen your learning and upgrade your credential through our Senior Coach Training program.

Coaching is lifelong learning and requires commitment to continue to enhance your skills to be a successful coach. CTA is committed to transform coaches into successful coaches and helping them support their client in a way that they touch the lives to unleash the true potential and make their success their own success story.

Senior Coach Training Program is for deepening the coaching skill and bringing inner shift in your clients. You will learn the practical techniques to access your own inner wisdom to be more effective as a coach and increase your coaching influence on your clients.

Program Structure

Those who have completed level 1 – Senior Coach Training program is 65 Hours coach training program conducted online where coaches across the globe meet and learn to advance their coaching skills.

This is a 4 months course completed in 16 sessions of 3.15 hours each and 15 hours of coaching assignments.

Following is the structure of Senior Coach Training Program


Ones you confirm your seat in this course you CTA will send course material to start your reading assignment which can be finished reading in approximately 5 hours. You will be required to answer a questionnaire before one week of training start date, the questionnaire is based on the reading material sent by us.

In these sessions you will advance your coaching skills to a much deeper level. You will learn to create self-awareness and mindfulness through techniques of emotional mastery of self and others. You will learn advance coaching models and apply them in various coaching situations. You will also learn to create your own coaching models through deeper understanding of ICF core coaching competencies.

After completing 8 sessions, you will need to complete research paper assignment. This will be based on your learning in advance coaching skills. In this assignment you will create your own coaching models and process basis your coaching specialization and coaching style.

PCC markers are the indicators that determine which ICF Core Competencies are in evidence in a recorded coaching session and what is their extent. PCC markers are the behaviors that should be exhibited in a coaching conversation at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. In these modules you will be introduced to these markers to ensure your exhibit required ICF competencies at PCC level.

You will be listening to recorded coaching sessions to identify and mark the behavior indicators of PCC level. This will create your deeper understanding of PCC markers and will help you integrate them into your coaching practices.

After learning PCC markers and their integration through review of recorded coaching sessions, you will be required to work on reflection paper assignment to ensure you retain your learning.

This is one of the most effective way to demonstrate your learning of advance level. You will integrate your learning with real-time coaching situations and get immediate feedback from your coach supervisor on your coaching skills.

This is your final assignment towards completion of the course. In this assignment you will be required to research and document best coaching practices. The details of all the assignments are given at the beginning of the training and with the assignment email.

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