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ICF Career Counseling Certification Programs in Lebanon

Become Professional & Certified Career Coach in Lebanon

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We welcome coaches who want to become a coach and an ICF accredited Career Coach to start Career Coaching as their profession in Beirut, Lebanon and other parts of the world. Coach Transformation Academy is one of the most famous and reliable ICF accredited training institute in Beirut, Lebanon as it is an ICF (International Coach Federation) approved training institute, conducts ICF accredited professional coaching certification program in Lebanon and other parts of the world.

The ICF accredited career coach certification is designed for the aspiring and working professionals  who are willing to become professional certified career coach, coach transformation academy also support learners to successfully start their career coaching business in Lebanon or anywhere in the world. Coach Transformation Academy conducts ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited career coaching training in Beirut, Lebanon.

We would recommend you to choose to join only ICF approved & accredited coach training program as ICF is the top most recognized body in the world coaching which is well known for its coaching standard. You can become a coach from anywhere but ICF credentials give you a world class level recognition which gives you an advantage to grow your business anywhere in the world along with Lebanon. Let’s understand how Coach Transformation Academy conducts career coaching certification training in Lebanon and what you can expect in your journey of transformation.

This ICF accredited career coach certification program makes you learn career coaching skills required for detailed analysis of your client’s current career profile and their aspirations. Beirut is the most sough-after places where people look forward to work and make their career however it comes with its own pros and cons and thus require many working professionals to seek a certified professional career coaching.  Coach Transformation Academy offers the ICF accredited career coaching program which is one the best option to explore in Beirut, especially when there is a huge desire of people from almost any country to work and make their career in Lebanon. Once you complete this course you will be able to coach on career change and fulfillment integration of building the foundations for a successful and supporting your clients with a practical career action plan.

The coach learns to consider factors outside of work which often influence happiness and effectiveness at work and influence in organizational performance. Our career coaching certification course empowers coaches to understand the psychology of career fulfillment, work and their clients own personal development needs of career aspiration and needs.

Career Coaching Certification course conducted by Coach Transformation Academy focuses on career fulfillment and enhancement for clients looking for coaches who specialize in career coaching. After attending and getting certified as a professional career coach, you can work with leaders, organizations, professionals, students and educators in identifying the best role for an individual and facilitating the transition into the new career role. You will be introduced to psychological theories with in depth knowledge about the job and career coaching models and tools required in coaching individuals and organizations.

Career Coaching Certification training course is an ICF accredited professional coaching skills certification program for 60 hours. In addition to learning career coaching skills, participants will undergo 10 hours of coach mentoring as required for ICF credentialing. Coach Transformation Academy is the most preferred and ICF accredited world class Career Coaching Certification Training institutes in Lebanon. Our classroom coaching certification courses are conducted in Beirut, Lebanon as 4 days training followed by online sessions. If you cannot make it to classroom training, you can join the full course as online program.

This course incorporates definitions, models and tools in career coaching. We focus on career development coaching model, career change management models and tools, methods and models for organizations to manage and develop employee career aspirations through coaching individuals, team and group. Coach Transformation Academy has designed and aligned this coaching certification course with ICF coaching competencies and practicing them by applying in your coaching practice sessions and further getting a detailed feedback report on your coaching skills from your coach trainer.

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