How to Become an NLP Certified Practitioner

In the 1970s, Dr. Richard Bandler explained the manner in which the brain responded to inputs and defined NLP as “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thoughts) underlying them”. To put it differently, NLP has an effect on the behavior of the brain by using language and other types of communication in order to understand the response of the brain to inputs. Dr. Richard claimed that NLP was an effective method to treat people, as certain diseases removed the control of people over actions performed by their body.

The NLP program helps in overcoming certain subconscious habits which take control of individuals without giving them enough time to realize their actions. Corporates have rolled out NLP training programs for their employees as this offers greater emotional balance resulting in better productivity. Here is a look at some of the various options that are available.

NLP Life Coach Training:
NLP Life Coach training involves classroom training and online sessions. It would be appropriate to choose an academy which offers both kinds of training as this would help the participant to choose training that is most appropriate to meet their requirement. NLP training program offered by an academy needs to train participants on important skills like communication, coaching skills and the art of using the right kind of language. Above all the participants need to be tutored in applying NLP training to their profession.

Who can apply for the program?
There are no restrictions on individuals who wish to take up NLP Life Coach training. It is open to individuals who are desirous of taking up coaching as a profession. Professionals in HR, Sales & marketing, training, corporate managers, leaders, coaches, and teachers typically opt for these programs. After mastering the various NLP techniques that help one to become a Coach/Practitioner, this is then used to impart training/coaching others.

NLP Coaching/Practitioner
The next level that a person could take in the NLP program is to become a Certified NLP Practitioner. These NLP Practitioner programs should equip participants with essential NLP skills and advanced coaching skills to efficiently bring about change through coaching tools and techniques. The NLP program should also help in improving the Practitioner’s own communication skills and also be able to understand other’s language pattern.

Following are few skills that the academy should offer in a NLP Coaching program:

  • NLP Communication model
  • NLP Rapport building skill
  • NLP Goal setting skill
  • Coaching using NLP skills, tools and technique
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • DILTS Model – Logical levels of Changes
  • NLP Frames for coaching
  • NLP Meta programming
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Working with self-limiting beliefs and values
  • Sensory Acuity and Calibration
  • Persuasive Language
  • Representational Systems
  • Anchoring
  • Reframing
  • NLP Coaching tools and technique

NPL Practitioner Certification:
Though different academy offers different certificates it would help to choose an academy which is accredited by ICF. Individuals who are desirous of joining a program need to ensure that they enroll in a program offered by an academy that has the infrastructure, training aids, resources, tools and qualified instructors. In addition to the accreditation to gold standard ICF or other bodies, it is essential that an academy has the right kind of resources to be able to offer professional training.

Standout advantages on completion of NLP training
Participants who combine the principles of NLP with coaching expertise are most likely to improve professional ability as a coach. To put it clearly, coaches who are better placed to understand people better by mapping individuals, are more likely to offer better outcomes through coaching. Coaches will be in a position to help clients achieve better results in a shorter period.

  • Assists participants to strike a healthy balance in life
  • Helps to combine NLP knowledge with other Coaching expertise
  • Improve awareness in clients with effective feedback
  • Expand scope of coaching and expertise with additional tools and techniques
  • Roll out additional services to clients and widen horizon
  • Helps participants to meet international benchmarked standards in coaching
  • Helps to personalize interaction and language as per the needs of specific individuals
  • Leverage NLP knowledge to improve leadership qualities
  • Improve communication skills by making use of NLP knowledge

It is necessary to use the services of a good academy for training as this will ensure that the quality of training helps to build up on the capabilities of the individual. It is not just the accreditation that is important, it is also the manner in which the accreditation is sought that is equally important. By choosing the right academy, individuals can easily acquire accreditation and most importantly, gain expertise that can be put to good use.

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