How to Become an Executive Coach

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is considered to do partnering with your client in order help them leading the team or managing their employees with more effectiveness. Executive coaches help their client to have clarity on how they can lead or manage their team the way they want it to lead or manage, help those executives setting goals and align those goals in an effective way so that they can achieve those goals sooner effectively.

Executive coaching is absolutely different than counseling and psycho therapies’, coaching is not about suggesting or giving advises on what they should do but making them realize their inner potential to keep their organization grow continuously. It is about realizing inner potential and creating self-awareness.

Executive coach will always make you able to make realistic and achievable goals, your coach can also help you to discover your challenges and obstacles within the organization so that you can be ready to face them and can make an action plan for that.

What are the typical clients & topics of executive coaching?

Being an employee at an executive level of big organization people face big challenges.


Steps of becoming a certified executive coach

Coach Transformation Academy is one of the best executive coaching training institutes in the UAE and other parts of the world; we offer executive coach certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation. If you want to become a professional certified executive coach, and want to the process of becoming a professional executive coach. We would like to share the process of it, it takes maximum of 6 months. There are some requirements that you need to meet. Here are the requirements and the procedure to become a professional excutive coach.

  • Completion of coaching training – Every participant must undergo 125 hours coaching training in classroom training or online or partially.
  • Mentoring – There is a requirement of undergoing 10 hours of mentoring and these hours will be covered as 7 hours as group mentoring sessions and 3 hours as individual one to one mentoring sessions.
  • Completion of coaching experience – This is the third requirement of this executive coaching course, participants have to acquire 500 hours of coaching experience, 75% of these should be paid and rest can be acquired as free.

Once you meet all these requirements you will be attempting a final performance evaluation test conducted by Coach Transformation Academy. After qualifying this test you will be awarded as Coach Transformation Academy certified professional executive coach.

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