How to Become a Certified Professional Life Coach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a process of transforming lives from where it is to where a client wants it to be. Coaching is always a future driven process, and this unique quality of coaching is makes it different from psycho therapies, consulting, and counseling and mentoring, people generally assume coaching is similar to these other services. Life coaching is like a guidance that provides a support and tools for someone to change perspective towards more positive attitude, tools to open the minds to think of a problem as a situation, which make them able to think and reach to their goal.

In other words you may also say that life coaching can be describes as empowerment and improvement. A coach can help you realizing your self-potential, self-worth and self-belief. After you realizing it, you will be driven to think about the things that you want to achieve in future and setting goals to achieve it. So, the process of reaching to your goals is the improvement that you can see, hear and feel.

If you want to grow in your personal or professional life, life coaching is something you must really think about.

What are the typical clients & what are the topics in life coaching?

Life coaching is one of the most demanding niches in coaching. As almost every person in the world has a situation to get clarity upon. We are sharing some types of typical client of life coaching you may get as a life coach. Below is a list of those types:-

  • Struggling with married life
  • Struggling with social life
  • Having difficulty in prioritizing things in personal life
  • Difficulty in managing self confidence
  • Increasing effectiveness in work
  • Scared of facing challenges
  • Want to be more focused and relaxed
  • Want to get rid of procrastination
  • Balancing work and family

Life coaching clients are mostly those who are struggling with their personal life or their personality and want to bring a change in their personality or personal life.

Steps to become a certified life coach

Coach Transformation Academy offers life coach certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation. Becoming a professional certified life coach is a process of maximum of 6 months. There are some requirements that you need to meet. Here are the requirements and the procedure to become a professional life coach.

  • Completion of coaching training – Every participant must undergo 125 hours coaching training in classroom training or online or partially.
  • Mentoring – There is a requirement of undergoing 10 hours of mentoring and these hours will be covered as 7 hours as group mentoring sessions and 3 hours as individual one to one mentoring sessions.
  • Completion of coaching experience – This is the third requirement of this life coaching course, participants have to acquire 500 hours of coaching experience, 75% of these should be paid and rest can be acquired as free.

Once you meet all these requirements you will be attempting a final performance evaluation test conducted by Coach Transformation Academy. After qualifying test you will be awarded as Coach Transformation Academy certified professional life coach.

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