How to Become a Business Coach

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a process of bringing a huge improvement in business and to take it from where it is to where a client wants it to be. Business coaching is a future driven process which focuses on future expansion and how to overcome obstacles in order to keep growing. This unique quality of coaching makes it different from psycho therapies, consulting, counseling and mentoring. Business coach works as a guide with the client, the difference is coach never tells you where to go or shows you any path to follow like a real guide. Coach will always create inner awareness in you, you will be able to take the right decisions and stick to your plans and goals in order to achieve them quickly and effectively.

  • Future discovering – Business coaching is about discovering inner thoughts of business owner and bringing them into the reality. You may also say that it is used to help entrepreneurs finding the right paths to follow to grow their business more and setting achievable goals and align those goals in an effective manner.
  • Goal setting – Goal setting is another factor that makes business coaching much effective for entrepreneurs. Business coaching also helps business owners to prioritize and align their goals to keep their business growing effectively.
  • Improvement in relationships – Though maintaining relationship is very important in personal and professional life. Business coaches helps entrepreneurs to maintain their relationships more effectively, coaching is the only thing that can make a client realized if they are lacking in managing their relationships in personal or professional life. Personal life relationships can affect one’s professional life easily. So, it is important to realize if it is a need for any entrepreneur. As per a scientific research your Emotional intelligence (EI) matters more than your IQ and your business coach can provide some tools to manage and improve your (EI).

What are the typical clients and what are the topics of coaching?

In business coaching, entrepreneurs and start ups usually feel stuck at some points of time because of not having a boss who can monitor them. So you may get clients facing difficulties like:-

  • Working more but generating less
  • Need to expand the business but facing financial problems
  • Want to get coached but don’t have enough time
  • Have plans but can’t seem to manage time to implement
  • Want more output from the employees
  • Confused about hiring more employees
  • Struggling with clarity in business

Business coach works like a partner with their clients and help them realizing their inner voice to take decisions, making goals and stick to it.

Steps to become a certified business coach

Becoming a certified business is not as difficult as business coaching sounds for non coaches. All what you need is realizing your interest to become one and yes, of course having dedication in learning coaching is must. Here are the 3 and only requirements of the course to become a certified and professional business coach.

  • Completion of coaching training – You have to undergo 125 hours of coaching training which can be attended as live classroom training or online face to face training or both.
  • Mentoring – You have to undergo 10 hours of mentoring as per ICF requirements

Coaching experience – this is the third requirement of ICF coaching and you have to acquire 500 hours of coaching experience.

  • Coaching experience – after you meeting the above two requirements this is the only requirement left. At a professional level, you need to acquire 500 hours of coaching experience.

Once you meet all these requirements Coach Transformation Academy will conduct a final performance evaluation test for and after qualifying that test you will be awarded as Coach Transformation Academy certified professional business coach.