Which coach training institute in UAE is best for me?

coach training institute - UAE

The Middle East has tremendous opportunities for skilled and trained. Coach training has recently become a popular alternative in the UAE due to the rising demand for work-life balance. Nowadays, the corporate sector wants dynamic individuals who are seasoned and trained. Even if you don’t want to work in the 9 to 5 job culture, coaching can be a great career alternative.

So if you are gearing up for professional coaching and want to join a globally recognized coach training institute in UAE, then Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is, to begin with. Coach Transformation Academy offers accredited coach training programs for aspiring coaches.

Why choose CTA for coach training?

Coach Transformation Academy believes in providing a full-fledged exposure to all aspiring coaches. We offer coaching courses from foundational to advanced levels. Our advanced level coaching programs are for coaches who want to specialize in a specific coaching niche. Our practical coaching sessions, workshops, and activities help participants apply their learning in their current professions or coaching practices.

To make coaches trained on diverse levels of expertise, we provide several accredited programs by the International Coach Federation:

  • Foundational Coaching Skills – 20 hours of ICF-accredited coach training under the ACSTH pathway.
  • Certified Professional Coach (Level-1) – 60 hours of ICF-accredited under ACSTH pathway, ideal for coaches who want to be ICF-ACC.
  • Senior Certified Professional Coach (Level -1 & 2) – 125 hours of ICF-accredited coach training under the ACTP pathway, ideal to be ICF-PCC.

CTA also provides advanced level coach training programs in:

Coach Transformation Academy is the only coach training institute in UAE certified by ICF, EMCC, CCE, and SHRM. Additionally, after completing your coach training with CTA, you can receive 4 certificates! Talk to our Course Consultant to find out which coaching course can support your career objectives.

What makes CTA the best coach training institute?

At CTA, we facilitate personalized learning experiences that motivate people to unlock their fullest potential. Our coaching modules are designed specially to support an individual’s transformational journey with a mix of traditional coaching tools and new age coaching techniques.

  • All our experienced mentors and trainers are internationally accredited and comes from vivid backgrounds. Their expertise and experience make the entire process of coaching a fulfilling and learning experience for our participants.
  • You can also personalize course modules according to your requirements. You can use our coaching model to fuse the learning with your day-to-day life.
  • Self-paced and business-oriented knowledge can be a win-win to expand your boundaries of coach training.
  • CTA’s intuitive workshops can teach you how to deal with the real-time situations. And coach in real-time through skill builder sessions.
  • CTA Coaching Community helps in networking as you get to meet and build relationships with like-minded coaches worldwide. Plus, experience peers coaching engagement.
  • CTA provides classroom and online coaching training in the UAE. Moreover, we also offer coach training in Arabic.

Learn from trained and skilled coaches. Discover your true potential as a coach and interact with a community of outstanding professionals. Nothing can hold you back if you decide to be an achiever in the coaching profession. Start your practice as a trained coach with CTA and maximize your potential as a coach and individual.

You can watch here some of our Community of Practice sessions to know about our coaching learning and methodology.

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