Where to get certified coach training in Egypt?

Coaching sessions aren’t just a new learning experience. They are a more realistic experience of moving forward and keeping learning, despite obstacles and challenges. My coaching experience transformed my personal and professional career, and I believe that it affected my fellow coaches in the same way, says 27-year-old Zahra Ahmed. She isn’t the only person who holds such beliefs for the coaching industry. Numerous people have benefited in a variegated range of benevolent ways and unearthed their real potential.

Although coaching as a profession is booming in Egypt. However, many people still stand confused about finding the right platform for certified coach training. There are a seemingly endless number of coach training courses in Egypt that may sometimes make it difficult for individuals to make the right choice of training. But, if you are looking for the best among the rest, Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) has brought you a gateway of opportunities to get certified coach training in Egypt.

Steps for being a professional coach
Many people think that coaching as a profession is just for the people who want to establish their career as a coach. This isn’t true as coaching is also for organizations and professionals who seek a more significant change professionally or personally. To cope up and keep pace with the growing coaching industry, accreditation is the only way to climb the ladder of success. The steps for being a professional coach in Egypt include:

  1. Pick one ICF accredited training program
  2. Complete the coaching-training hours as per the pathway of your training
  3. Complete mentor coaching
  4. Complete the required number of coaching experience hours
  5. Apply for credentialing
  6. Pass Coach Knowledge assessment (CKA) Test.

After accomplishing all these steps, you can be a professional, certified coach.

With skilled training, coaches don’t just add stars to their resume. They turn better in marketing, make client handling easy and morph into more confident personalities. If you are looking for ICF Accredited Coach training in Egypt, CTA has made learning easier with levels classified according to requirements and skillsets.

Our ICF-ACC aligned certified professional pathway is for experiential, dynamic learners who dream of being transformational coaches. CTA provides live training and interactive experiences. All our training programs are instructor-led, coupled with 10 hours of mentor coaching. Moreover, CTA prepares you for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) required for ICF Credential.

Where to get certified coach training in Egypt

What makes Coach Transformation Academy the best for certified coach training?

Coach Transformation Academy trains individuals to leverage the incredible power of coaching. Our experienced coach faculties ensure that our aspiring coaches master the skill of coaching and utilize their learning in real-life situations. Likewise, you can also begin a successful coaching business or partner with CTA as a coach upon training completion.

We provide extensive classroom and online coach training. With hyper-personalized, simplified, and catalytic coaching methodologies, we make the certification process a comprehensive learning journey. Register now and be a part of highly interactive coach training programs.

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