When the life gets blurry, adjust your focus.

This is my progress in terms of understanding emotions from the first session to another. It is so thought-provoking to understand that the same emotions, which may have a certain meaning for you, maybe completely different for those around you.

What got you here won’t get you there.

In light of the above quote, someone may perceive persistence being the key to bringing success while another may believe that not persistence but creativity would bring result.

While another may think that persistently being creative will take me to another level.

So it is all about the spectrum of emotions and their meaning that creates the perspective or even the world for someone. So while understanding or interpreting emotions of self and others, the adjustment in the focus may be of importance, and there is huge subjectivity in it.

“What is this, papa?” My daughter asked me one day while we were having breakfast.

“It is walnut dear,” I responded, and she, surprisingly looking at the shape, said, “but I had seen walnut kernel always as small pieces.”

“This is a walnut shell, and the walnut pieces come out of it,” I explained; she got excited and said, “I will tell all my friends in the online class about it and would show them this shell.”

“Don’t do that. Other children would think silly of it and say, you don’t even know this”, my wife counseled. “That’s her experience and learning, and she wants to share it with her friends; let her do that.” I shared my opinion. “There may be other kids in the group who may also not know or have seen it,” I advised.

Adjust the focus; the meaning of her emotions in the situation was completely different from what my wife and I had thought.

We were thrilled to see her enthusiasm while she shared what she had seen and generated some amusement and excitement among her mates in the class as many children told her that they did not see it before and were excited about it.

How emotions can take turns and define the experience from one individual to another even related to something as basic as this.

Openness to understand and express emotions and openness to understand, appreciate and accept the emotions of others in all honesty; is a skill that requires sincere efforts – has been my greatest learning so far.

When emotions/feelings get blurry, adjust the focus.

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