This is how you can become a Certified Life Coach in Delhi

“The life coaching industry in India is growing rapidly. The number of ICF-credentialed life coaches in India has increased from 130 in June 2013 to 610 in June this year,” says Magdalena Mook, CEO and Executive Director of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Whether it’s about your personal transformation or your zest to support people around you, Life Coaching can be an incredible experience in your life. If you’re interested to know how you can become a certified Life Coach in India, you might want to know more about it. In this article, we’ll walk you through the seven steps of how to become a certified Life Coach in India.

Finding your niche

You might have to say “no” to helping someone simply because they’re not in your niche can be something you never thought before. Having a coaching niche isn’t about exclusivity – it’s about putting yourself in the best position to help your clients. Identifying your coaching niche is more than understanding your passion.

Ask yourself:

  • What motivates you to work every day?
  • What is coaching for you?
  • What specific problems are you able to solve?
  • Can you identify your ideal clients?
  • Will you be able to coach without judging your client?

There are so many questions that will help you to reflect more on your own capabilities. Once you find your specialty – based on your experience and what makes you comfortable to talk with clients, you’ll be in a better position to market yourself as a coach.

Getting trained as a Life Coach

Actually, an ICF Certification gives you credibility as a professional, certified coach – and not particularly as a Life Coach. Sure, you’ll go through intense coaching training if you’re considering earning an ICF Certification. So, can you start working as a Life Coach without ICF Certification?

It all melts down to your objective – whether you’re willing to train just to hone your skills and be self-aware, or you actually want to start your own business as a Life Coach. You might find many coaching certifications online and in-person in Delhi and India. What you need to look for is – the coaching training institute providing the Life Coach Training in Delhi is:


It’s not mandatory to look for these resources, but it’s worth to invest in a learning partner that actually provides a valuable, recognized, and flexible learning options.

It may cost you more than you estimated and might take you a while to earn an ICF credential – but it’s worth investing if you really want to change your life. Of course, you can choose any program that meets your expectations, but we highly recommend this program to become a Certified Life Coach in Delhi, India, or globally.

Earning the Credential

The one big question that you want to know before choosing the coaching certification training in India: Will I be a Certified Life Coach upon completing the training?

Most coaching training institutes in Delhi or anywhere in India might instantly shout “yes”. Earning a credential is a long, elaborate process. Sure, many Life Coaches earning and making most out of their career, are not certified.

“I know and have worked with coaches who have zero official certifications and regularly make six figures in a month,” says Emily Blanc, a health and happiness coach. “It is a case-by-case basis.”

It might sound cliché at this point, but once you begin your coaching training journey, you will start to think like a coach. You get evolved away from thinking that just having enough to get by is okay, and you actively choose to set yourself up for success in every way possible, instead.

As a coach, you’re interested in best practices, not just minimum standards. Being a credentialed Life Coach set you up for success, representing your credibility to give nothing less than best as a coach.

That said, just in case, looking for a life coach training in Delhi, or any coaching certification in India – direct your search toward an ICF/EMCC/CCE accredited coaching training institute.

Getting started as a Life Coach

After earning your Life Coach certification, you’re not only a professional or personal coach – you’re also now a small business owner.

Even if you’ve planned to practice solo or with a coaching institute for a while, you still need to market yourself as a Life Coach. Starting on your own or in collaboration, you can’t become a life coach without any clients to coach.

ICF also allows you to register yourself as a coach. Though they have stringent rules, it’s great to help you get started (and another reason to earn credential!).

And with clients to coach, you also need to create your own versions of services. You want to be acknowledged for your unique coaching services, whether working as a solo business owner or as a partner.

Business plan, marketing plan, insurance, digital presence, branding – as a business owner, you will go through multiple stages and layers of the business. You might not get instant business (and success) as a Life Coach, but with time and valuable services, you can surely increase your visibility and network.

Start earning as a Life Coach

After investing a large amount of your time and capital into coaching training, it’s common to ask, “How much should I charge as a Life Coach” or “How much does a Life Coach earn?”

As a Life Coach, you will then understand that it’s difficult to put a price or value on helping people change their lives. Yet, in the end, it’s a business for you too.

Everything leans on your strategy – your approach with clients, how ready are you to invest your time with clients, the methods you use to reach out to clients. Are you giving special packages or programs? Is it a one-time session? You prefer hourly or an on-going consultation?

According to Payscale, A Life Coach in India typically makes between ₹700k to ₹144k. Of course, as you gain experience and credit, you can earn even ₹2 millions – yet, as said earlier, it depends on how impactful you are as a Life Coach.

Continue Learning

Just like you do not stop after your promotion, even in coaching, you’ve always got room to learn and grow. Learning does not necessarily mean earning certifications. It simply means to stay upgraded in your coaching niche.

Seminars, events, retreats, communities – there are many ways coaches connect with each other to share their experiences, tools, and models that are helpful during coaching. Every coach has his/her own unique delivery methodologies and tools. Hence, staying updated about your coaching niche might help you discover and learn something new.

As a Life Coach, investing in learning new and in yourself will come naturally to you.


You can’t be a Life Coach merely with an ICF certification. It is your passion to support others to live a quality life that will help you to continue as a Life Coach.

Being a Life Coach is incredibly rewarding – coaching gives you a sense of fulfillment, professionally and personally. We hope you have a great career ahead as a Life Coach.

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) trains aspiring coaches to help them achieve all these potentialities. CTA provides ICF Certification coaching training in India and worldwide. You can know more about our Life Coach training in Delhi or about our coaching certification online upon request.





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