My story of becoming a professional coach in Australia

Australia has its own part of opportunities for worthy people. You cannot be mediocre and expect a job to knock at your door. I was completely clueless about my career. The role that I had wasn’t much of my first love, and the position made my working conditions more miserable and questionable. I never wanted fame and money flooding through my staircases, but all I wanted is a career that gives me a fulfilling experience.

My story of becoming a professional coach in Australia

How it all started?
In light of shaping my professional career and fuelling my personal growth, I chose to start looking for life coaching courses that meet my expectations. With a multitude of mentors and coaching programs trying to showcase their best sides, I was a bit perplexed about my choice of mentors. Then I came to know the experts at Coach Transformation Academy (CTA).

Although I had lost hope in a career switch and I just had the hopes of making my professional life a bit more interesting, the mentors at Coach Transformation kindled the fire of being a professional coach inside me. For which I will be always be thankful.

My journey in the coach training program
It was a roller coaster ride for me. From the day I knew nothing about ICF certification until now, when I am aware of everything, including the minimum coaching hours and the qualifications to be an ICF coach, I have come a long way.

The beginning wasn’t at all easy. Every day I felt like giving up. But then my mentors tried and assisted their best to pull me through the coaching. Eventually, it became exciting, and then I ended up having the best experience of my life. You can call it an inspirational trail, but, it was the expedition of finding my inner self.

journey in the coach training program

How is my life different now?
Life coaching didn’t just give me an alternative career option, it showed me the right way of living life. Now I have my objectives very clear, and the path to reach my goals is even more precise. Gone are the days when I struggled behind my office cubicle from 9 to 5 because now I take pride in what I do. The flexible working hours and the perfect work-life balance have compelled me to love my profession even more.

Kudos to the team of Coach Transformation Academy for making me a better human, both on the personal and professional level, and help me become my best version!

You won’t know its worth until you try it on your own.
Coaching as a career can be enlightening, and I discovered it when I took the route to be a professional life coach in Australia. There is definitely a void between running the show and being in the audience, and as a professional life coach in Australia, you get to see both sides.

For all those out there who want to be a Life Coach in Australia like me, start believing in yourself and get started with your journey – it might be overwhelming, but it’s worth it!

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