Simplest things in life are the hardest things to do

“Words make the world”; hence it is important to name the unnamed wisely.

Don’t do this, papa would get angry.

If you do it like this, papa will get angry.

Why do you say I would get angry as that might not be the case? I might get annoyed a little, but not angry as in angry.

A child jumping on the bed/sofa may not make someone really angry, a bit annoyed, though – a common conversation on many occasions between a couple that I know most closely, my wife and me.

Hence introducing or creating the vocabulary of a child specifically for negative emotions holds extreme importance to me and came out as great learning too in the previous session.

Choosing words wisely in a conversation is of utmost importance as I link these words directly with the emotions that will create in me and others or the emotional turn the chosen words may take.

A late email response received from a colleague or stakeholder may not always have to always result in an “I Gotcha” response and react to the opportunity.

Defining boundaries came out as strong learning as the same word or emotion for it. It may have a different meaning to different people, so who defines the boundaries can be a relevant question to close day to day interactions/transactions to avoid misunderstanding/conflicts in personal and professional life.

It was worth learning to see how something could be so simple to someone yet most difficult to others.

Purely based on the definition of emotion from one person to another could be base or a cause of trust and betrayal.

You did not tell me about this as I believe you don’t trust me, well I thought I would say to you once it is finished or once I have completed or achieved it… or I thought I would give you a surprise…

The meaning of similar emotions and how they are meant to others could bring out a healthy or a disastrous outcome in many situations, and that is where the statement:

“Simplest things in life are the hardest things to do” created many impacts as I could link it back to some of the personal experiences.

It was truly impactful to get into defining strengths and weaknesses of self and ranking them as it generated a lot of new thoughts in me for both strengths and weaknesses, which will be a great point to start working on emotional intelligence and being more “self-aware.”

Moving on could be greatly resourceful for an emotion that evokes in one not being resourceful.

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