It’s the only profession where both (Coach & Client) are equal

Coaching concept as a field is very different and special, as it fits all segments in different age groups, it’s an art by itself, anyone and everyone can do. I am enjoying the course so far and having a great time too. However, I can summarize my learning so far in three main areas as below:

Coaching (concept)

It was very shocking and eye-opening for me the coaching about. My understating was too different based on my previous experience with a Life coach. The fundamental understanding, methods, concept, and ethics of the coaching became so clear for me now. In addition to that, it was shocking to know that coaching can be done in any subject, any way, anywhere, anytime, as long it doesn’t object with its ethics and basics. I found it interesting to discover that it’s the only profession where both (Coach & Client) are equal, and nothing makes it wrong or right, everyone is right, and it’s a client-driven conversation.

Coaching as professional

A coach must identify their core value and coaching field before starting a coaching journey, so that makes it clear, to begin with. Moreover, many essential skills are required, such as listening, communication, etc. Which can be built and improve by practices and experience? Coaching can be done for a group or individual.

Learning outcome and implementation

There are many learning and implementation in my way; however, I will list a few of them as below:

  1. Wearing coach hat during any coaching conversation session.
  2. Following the ethics and values during and after the session.
  3. Remembering it’s a coaching session, not a mentoring, advising, etc.
  4. Using the tools and many other concepts to discover the client’s goals.
  5. Every client is different, so the same can’t go for all.
  6. The client needs to take ownership of the action plan.
  7. Coaching is about trust.
  8. The intention behind the behavior is what matters, and its always right from the client perspective.
  9. Both are equal (Coach / client) .
  10. The client is responsible for the result, and the coach is just a supporter.

There is much more learning besides the points mentioned above; however, my action plan and areas of improvement are as follows:

  1. Voice tone / body language / communication.
  2. Self-confidence.
  3. No judgment.

Finally, there is much learning and implementation in my way; however, I summarized what most important at this point in time.

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