I had the perception that coaches are the looser versions of psychologists…

I learned that…

During the two days, I was able to change my mind about the profession as a coach. Before the course, I thought that anyone can call themselves a coach. For some reason, I had no respect for coaches, and there I go, I signed up for an expensive course to become a coach myself. I had the perception that coaches are the looser versions of psychologists, those who want to go the easier way. However, my universe came at the right time and in the right place for me to find this course and change my opinion about my idea of the profession as a coach.

I realized that there is a professional organization (ICF) that is well respected and accepted for their standard and guidelines. Since I already got my Masters in Applied Psychology, I did lots of self-work to gain insights. I was thrilled to do the demo session with Dr. Haris in front of the whole group. I was so surprised to see how Dr. Haris pointed out the power of questions and observed which kind of learner I am. I also got some tips and tricks as insights about myself, which helped me during the week after the seminar finished, to be more mindful and gentler with myself. I was also happy to learn the ICF guidelines and really liked the quotes such as “coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process…” instead of helping the client.

It will help me to…

On the next day of the seminar, during a demo coaching session with our fellows, I was put with a lady who had her whole face covered. It was challenging for me not to see her face while having a serious conversation about her life struggles. Because usually, I am used to seeing my conversation partners face expression and able to react to it. Here in this new experience, I had to look for body language and listen carefully to the words she said, to build rapport with the “client.” This new experience gave me the understanding that not everyone thinks like me and to create more tolerance towards our fellow human brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the knowledge helped me to understand myself on a deeper level.

I started to practice the given advice to listen to my favorite music in a lower tone and also began to hear more often music that I liked. The results were surprising since the mood throughout the day shifted, and the frustration part vanished. Maybe partially because I started to listen to guided morning meditation, or perhaps it’s a combination of all the elements. This training also gave me hope towards my future business as a “psychological coach.” It gave me hope to get help to build my website; it gave me confidence that I chose the right course for me and that with the future knowledge and transformational change, life will be more than exceptional.

I will apply this learning by…

I started out of curiosity to apply the learned skilled on the day to day tasks and conversations. I began to build rapport with my friend and those people around me, to copy their body language, to look out for words, or just to practice listing.

Listening was the hardest skill to practice since my low frustration level. However, I was stunned by how people would open up toward me and how quickly someone can become “comfortable” with me once the rapport is built. Definitely looking forward to learning more and to apply the newly acquired skills in day to day life.

Long term returns from learning this will be…

Definitely a transformational change in me and the people who surround me. I guess my behavior will change, the tolerance level will increase, and I will be able to apply those new skills or tools in my future work.

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