How do I become an international coach in Africa?

Over the years, coaching has gained worldwide traction as an acceptable and highly revered career path, including in the African continent, which is at the cusp of socio-economic development. Coaching has wide-spread prospects for personal and professional enhancement, making it an exciting career choice for many, especially the younger generation who are keen at seeking out an unconventional line of work.

To get coaching certification in Africa, one should find an accredited training institute equipped with certified mentors for learning the core competencies of coaching. The accreditation of the institute you choose has a big role to play in this respect.

How do I become an international coach in Africa

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a globally recognized organization that provides accreditation to training institutes and professional coaches. ICF is held in high regard as they also offer credentials to the certified coaching professionals, creating global standards within the coaching practice. Post ICF accreditation, one automatically becomes part of the international community of coaches, which acts as a significant boost to the career.

The Coach Transformation Academy offers ICF coaching and accredited courses worldwide, including Africa, giving you the instant status of being an international coach.

Benefits of Becoming an ICF Certified Coach

ICF credentials hold great value and credibility for practicing coaches. Here we have enlisted a few for your perusal:

  • Access to resources that will help you in honing your coaching skills and become a better professional.
  • The ICF logo and certificate provides instant credibility to a professional in front of the clients.
  • Coaches get to be a part of various partner programs endorsed by ICF, such as ICF Media Partners and ICF Business Solutions Partners, enabling them to avail a wide range of products and services.
  • On credentialing, the coach gets listed into ICF’s credentialed coach directory listings, increasing your reach in terms of clients.
  • Get to be the part of the Communities of Practice (CPs), which are virtual groups of coaches that provide a platform through which one can improve their professional skills by sharing the best practices among each other.
  • Be always updated to industry-related research and latest materials by ICF, through research portal access.


ICF accreditations hold immense value, especially from the global perspective, as it gets you connected with clients and peers worldwide.

The Coach Transformation Academy is a globally reputed coach training institute that offers varied programs for a coach aspirant. CTA is ICF, SHRM, CCE, and the EMCC-accredited. They stand apart from the other training institutes owing to their highly experiential and interactive coaching training modules. Getting certified under CTA automatically gives you access to a global coach community for continual improvement through peer engagement. After completing the training program, you receive post-training support, which is highly beneficial for credentialing. Feel free to contact us for more information on our ICF accredited coach training programs.

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