How Executive Coaching can Make Senior Leaders Successful

Executive Coaching Sri Lanka

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding executive coaching in the business world across geographies, especially in the developing nations, including Sri Lanka. Standing at the cusp of economic and technological revolution, the nation has been bolstering its corporate sector, redesigning and rethinking the definition of professionalism, growth, and progress. Human resource is a vital aspect of that modernization, which fuels the overall work culture of enterprises. In recent years, owing to this shift in professional and corporate ideology more and more companies are realizing the relevance of executive coaching in Sri Lanka.
More companies are stressing the importance of executive coach training for senior management, owing to the multitude of benefits it has. Having a manager as an executive coach is like having a certified professional in the house on standby whenever there is a human resource crisis that needs addressing at the executive level. Without further ado, let’s explore the core idea and benefits of executive coaching.

What is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach is a certified individual who works with professionals in an organization mainly high-potential employees like team leaders, managers, executives, senior management personnel, and likewise. He/she conducts sessions, either one to one or group with assisting and motivating them to achieve:

  • A sense of self-awareness;
  • Gain clarity towards their goals;
  • Accomplish objective concerning self and organizational development;
  • Unlock the potential and utilize it to the fullest.

Executive coaches are neither consultants nor trainers or therapists. They never advise the clients or provide readymade solutions to their problems. Executive coaches ask a series of questions that help their clients get closure and the motivation to find the solution to their problems.

What does an executive coach do?

Executive coaches are more like a sounding board to their clients. They can help the organization and its employees in the following ways and situations:

  • Highlight the areas concerning leadership competency and self-development that need improving.
  • Enhancement of communication skills.
  • The assistance of collective organizational goal strategizing.
  • Senior executive and stakeholder management.
  • Technical ability augmentation and improved decision making.
  • Time management.
  • Increased emotional intelligence and motivation.

How can executive coaching training help senior leaders?

Now that you know the benefits of executive coaching, let’s explore ways in which it can help senior leaders become more successful:

  • Studies have shown that most people lack self-awareness, which is most important when you are at the helm of an organization. The sense of self-awareness is related to the efficacy, growth, and development of an organization. Engaging with the coach helps executives renew and rediscover their sense of self-awareness and reliance.
  • Coaching enhances one’s ability to assess the people around them with enhanced clarity. In an organizational setting that is immensely helpful for the senior leaders to be able to accurately judge the capabilities of the subordinates.
  • Every leader comes with a set of skills and strengths that over time due to constant work pressure and a competitive environment; might get rusty. It impacts his/her performance, thus affecting the growth of the organization. Executive coaching encourages them to stay motivated and augment their skill-set and strong points without losing confidence.
  • Leadership is all about developing a synergy with peers and subordinates, which can be improved through coaching since it fosters productive and cohesive relationships.


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