How can coaching help businesses in Africa?

Africa is a growing economy projected to elevate from 3.9 percent at present to 4.1 percent CAGR in 2021, according to African Economic Outlook 2020. In recent years, there has been a mushrooming of start-ups in the region and global corporations trying to penetrate the African market.

It is a rapidly evolving market, and one has to stay updated to the changes happening within the industry continually. However, with growth and continual development comes stifling competition and pressure that corporate leaders have to balance and not lose focus from the organizational objectives.

How can coaching help businesses in Africa

While dealing with the hurdles of running an organization, people holding leadership positions, and the employees can lose direction and break under pressure. However, a natural progression can have a damning impact on the productivity and growth of the business. In situations like these, business or corporate coaching can induce the right motivation within the organizational structure.

Understanding the Business Context of Coaching

Coaching’s business context refers to corporate coaching, which instills professional discipline in individuals through motivation and unlocks their true potential to achieve organizational objectives individually or collectively as a corporate team.

Corporate coaches assist the core team within an organization, such as executives, managers, team leaders, etc. They help these individuals to self-assess the problems and find sustainable solutions enhancing their productivity and performance.

How Corporate or Business Coaching can be of Help

Business coaching paves the way for future growth and development for both an individual and the organization that he/she is part of. The sessions are focused on driving the executives to find their path to success. Here’s how coaching benefits a person:

  • It aids one to realize their potential and goals
  • Motivates to take actions towards the achievement of those goals by leveraging the potential
  • Grow a sense of self-awareness and self-reliance
  • Be an asset to the team and the organization as a whole
  • Gain the confidence and ability to guide a team or the organization
  • Make a greater contribution for uninterrupted development of the organization
  • Be responsible and accountable for individual and team actions
  • Be more affirmative while taking decisions
  • Enhancement in communication skills and productivity

Imagine the positive impact on your business when an executive imbibes all the attributes mentioned above through corporate coaching. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), around 80% of the professionals who attended coaching sessions experienced a boost in self-confidence and improved productivity and work performance, which has been of immense benefit to the organization or business.

Given the current competitive corporate ambiance, business coaching is gradually gaining traction in the African continent, making it a quite sought-after career choice or skill to learn for professionals.

The Coach Transformation Academy offers ICF accredited coaching for business certification programs in various modules. Contact us or more information on our coaching consulting.

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