Guide to ICF Credentialing Process

ICF Credentialing process

Since credentialing is a detailed and stringent process, the course structure, certification, modules, mentoring classes, etc. plays a key role in acquiring ICF credential. Hence, the choice of training institute has to be made wisely. In this blog, we have provided you a complete guide to obtaining ICF Credential.

Where to begin?

You need to start by enrolling with an ICF accredited coach training provider. ICF does not offer training for becoming a coach. And cannot recommend any specific training programs. However, it accredits third-party coach training providers to help coaches get legitimate coach training that follows the ICF Code of Ethics and Coaching Competencies. So, first, you need to start by enrolling with an ICF accredited coach training provider.

Look for coach training providers that are ICF certified. They will have legitimate ICF logos and must hold ICF credentials. You can also use ICF’s Training Program Search Service (TPSS) directory to search for ICF certified coach training. Plus, it’s free!

We recommend choosing programs that support you to complete your coaching experience hours or at least provide the opportunity to practice coaching (like Coach Transformation Academy). Getting experience is the most time-consuming part of the ICF Credential. Coach Transformation Academy also provides post-training support for up to 1 year. And help you through the entire process of ICF Credentialing.

At present, Coach Transformation Academy offers two pathways for coach certification training:

CTA Courses

The Certified Professional Coach is an ACSTH pathway course with 60 hours of coach training. It also includes 10 hours of mentor coaching. Upon completing your coach training, you will also receive assignments and fieldwork to enhance coaching skills with peer engagement activities.

The Senior Certified Professional Coach is an ACTP pathway course with 125 hours of coach training. Once you complete the coach training, you will undergo 10 hours of mentoring. The assignments and fieldwork are a way to enhance coaching skills and complete coaching experience hours.

Coach Transformation Academy provides a platform for participants to join a global coach community. Through this community, they can meet and make their own coaching network. They also conduct regular Community of Practice sessions to help coaches stay connected and engaged.

How to build ICF Credential with CTA training?

After receiving the certification as a professional coach from CTA, you can start your own practice. After gathering a certain number of experience hours (as required by the ICF), you can apply for an ICF credential. CTA supports you throughout your entire journey, from training to receiving an ICF Certificate supported by CTA.

Once the student completes 100 hours of coaching experience, they can submit an application to the ICF. This application should have coaching log (to demonstrate the coaching experience hours), audio recordings with transcripts, and the CTA CPC certificate. After this, ICF sends the link to Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). If the student passes the CKA, they will receive the ICF Credential within 14 weeks.

The SCPC students can apply for ACC and PCC credential. If the student completes 100 hours of coaching experience, he/she can apply for ICF-ACC Credential. For this, only have to submit the CTA SCPC Certificate and Coaching Log. Followed by the submission of all necessary documents and credentials, ICF will conduct a complete Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). And suppose the student completes an additional 400 hours (500 hours total) of coaching experience. In that case, he/she can apply for ICF-PCC credential. The documents required to be submitted remain the same as for ACC. The student can directly apply to ICF-PCC as well after completing the coaching experience.

CKA has to be taken only once. If the student has already passed CKA while applying for ACC, it’s not required to apply for PCC Credential.

Have more questions?

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is a globally renowned coach training institute with a remarkable track record of offering a wide range of coaching courses. The modules are designed following ICF standards and code of ethics, making it easy for professionals to acquire ICF credentials as skilled coaches. For more information on CTA’s courses, visit our website, or contact directly for a consultation.

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