It is about the link between thoughts, actions, and results.

As an individual, I believed in human strength and their abilities for self-change. So, during my 12 years of experience in Education & HR, I witness a lot of challenges that individuals face in their work and life. I worked hard to support and inspire them to find their purpose so that they can elevate their lives and make a great impact on themselves and others. But, there was a missing piece in the puzzle. I felt that the way I was following was not fully complete. At that time, one of my previous employers introduced to coaching as a part of the knowledge management initiative. At that moment, I realized that this may be the clue that I was looking for. Then, for one year, I did a lot of searches to know more about coaching. Finally, I decided to join CTA and become an ICF certified coach.

During the coach training, I discovered my abilities and worked hard to understand the different concepts and tools. It was an exciting journey. It was about transformation. We need to know how to be able to transform ourselves into the best version to be able to help others in their transformation. And to realize the need for it to unlock their potential.

One of the modules highlighted the communication tools and techniques, which is the first angle for successful transformation. Communication is a great tool that helps us as a coach to realize and understand human behavior. When an individual receives the event, this event exposes to different filters. Based on that, these events either will be deleted and/or distorted and/or generalized. By understanding these processes, we as coaches can help the clients in their growth and development journey. As we did to ourselves through this program, as we apply this learning ourselves and analyze our filters, and how we can re-program these filters in a way that helps us to unlock our potential.

“The Future is Now” is a concept that took me beyond my expectation. It hit something on me, knowing that we create our future by our present actions is something critical and highlighted the importance of monitoring our thoughts. It is about the link between thoughts, actions, and results.

“Coach shouldn’t be defensive” was an important learning for me. This is what I discovered during the program. It showed me that I need to bring attention to the area of self-management. As a coach, we need to absorb the client changes, realize his/her energy shift, and dance at the moment to create a successful coaching session. We, as coaches, need to highlight the importance of society to our clients and their impact on us and vice versa. We need to understand their perspective and take it into consideration. We need to be empathetic. We need to participate in developing others through constructive feedback and guidance. Inspire and influence others. The whole coach training helped me to transform myself, discover my abilities, discover my powers, and be myself. Having a deep awareness of myself and understanding different communication tools and different behavior strategies will help me to inspire my clients and make their life more fulfilled with purpose.

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