Becoming a Coach has been a dream

Becoming a Coach has been a dream. The journey has started. I am in the conscious incompetence stage of the learning process now. The most exciting thing that I found was that the course is making a way to reassure some of the beliefs I have been having while challenging another set of beliefs I have been having on people and organizations.

I learned that I have been framed into the circumstances I live, and it is hard to reflect on my self-going into real me and found that when I have a reasonable understanding about myself, it is easy to define the long term goal in life.

First, I will apply this with my family members to reflect on each to build a shared understanding of ourselves and build a shared set of goals for the family. I believe that this would help to align all our energies towards the same goals while achieving the personal best in our lives.

I will teach this tool to the training team in my company to use in different team building programs they conduct for employees and the community.

Topic: Conditions required for a positive coaching

I learned that I have not given adequate consideration into these three values in some of my developmental relationships so that the effectiveness of such relations would have been low-resulting creating mistrust, misunderstanding, and sometimes conflicting situations. Further, I learned that in the situations that I have unconsciously given consideration to, those values have resulted in effective relationships, increased trust, and smooth transformation of positive behaviors. Therefore, there is a need to consciously live these values in a productive relationship.

Everyone makes the best choice available to them when they make it – this reminds me of a saying “good or bad who cares if there is something good, let it just be, and if there is something bad, just let it go.” This belief reinforces the value of living in the present moment without worrying about what has happened and what would happen in the future.

There is no failure only feedback /there is only learning – this reminds me of one of the core values of our company which says “every day I ask myself, is there a better way.” Further, this value says failure is a failure only if you fail to learn out of it.

If someone can do it – everyone can do it- this is believing in the unique potential of every human being and partnering with them to raise their awareness of the potential and making them accountable for achievements.

I learned and reassured that what we believe is what we are and what we will be in the future, and it helped me to understand that having the right set of beliefs is the key to achieve success in coaching or any other endeavors.

I will apply these values to myself and try to be nonjudgmental on me and try to understand myself and be self-aware. Then I will apply this to my family members to understand them with their maps and make sure I change my behavior to make them comfortable rather than expecting them to make myself comfortable. This would help improve the family bond and let everyone achieve their maximum personal and professional potential. Then I will apply this in my workplace to respect diversity to look at what is going on in the workplace in a nonjudgmental but objective way.

I learned that every client is unique, and so the coaching relationship and approach should be unique to each individual.

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