A coach isn’t a healer or therapist but a partner

It took a few hours for me to think about how I can reflect with clear thoughts about coaching sessions for two days. Actually, it shakes off some dusty and rusty information that I used to have a few years back. I learned that coaching basics are the same in common schools, but the implementation differs from one mentor to another because we are all unique as either a coach or a client. Whatever I read or had courses about coaching, the domain is still rich and updated. However, I am so appreciating meeting such a treasure of great and valuable experiences. Moreover, these sessions helped in highlighting some aspects of my character to work on them.

The first session was a refreshing day, tried linking the information with my personal and close people’s experiences. The session was effortless and light start in the beginning, but after the lunch break, the session was so informative and needed concentration. Hence, where I was lost for a few minutes then got along with the track. I was observing mostly and learning though I made a few wrong interventions. Moreover, I tried to be engaged with some, but I still think the initial conversation needs skills that I am looking forward to being improved. However, I noticed some are well experienced in coaching, where I wondered about the purpose of taking this course repeatedly.

On the other hand, the next session was more explanation about planning part of one of the coaching process. I am sure it is essential, but I wish there were more details written in the manual about planning and exploring the clients specifically and the wheel of life. Before leaving the session, the chart took some time to realize the task to be achieved with my colleague.

In this regard, I addressed what I noticed during working with colleagues in some activities that apply how to act in the real world with a real situation. The general atmosphere was fabulous, that I felt so pleased to be here where I can change myself and take serious action and ACT, not only trying without being realistic. Also, I do ask questions if needed. Thus, this has changed how I define my priority, that I will keep work on it. I hope to change myself to be better in contacting people, as they are open and accepting my choices. Therefore, hunting the opportunity is necessary as human nature to evolve.

As much as I must to do to build a new connection with what I know, what I need to know, and what I have to figure out more that apply to the coaching process, which we explore in the second session. Moreover, the coaching has a clear system that starts with submitting a contract and agreement as the first step to raise awareness to accept another person can see through your mind as your coach. How the importance of figuring when to build a good conversation, how to dig deep without terrifying your client, and be creative with asking questions that open other doors for the clients to highlight the answers via his/her eyes.

Rapport is the key to break all blocks to be closer to the client’s deep thoughts to help. I guess we should focus on having effective and excellent coaching skills that emphasize the client. Coaching is not about coach power; it is more focused on updating your techniques and strategies. I think I still need to work on differentiating between each client’s case in terms of background, age, gender, and lifestyle. However, as a teacher, this might help with differentiation though I need to learn more about adults since I worked on teens. In addition, coaching competencies were a little confusing. Still, later, they cleared up, and we should expand the world of coaching and experience more learning frames to have an accurate evaluation for the client to move forward. Also, a coach isn’t a healer or therapist but a partner that can take the client’s hand to see all the open doors to move on. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that coaching is not leading or managing other’s life; it is about building a good relationship professionally with others.

To conclude my report, I appreciate everything that happened to make my attendance possible for this course. What I accomplished in learning in two sessions is helpful and popping up new thoughts in my brain that I did not get before a long time. It is not difficult to track the train of learning new paths, but it needs only to jump in. Actually, the definition of coaching was not usual for us, where most were thinking it is helping not partnering. Then, the stages each coach might face in the career need some attention to avoid the last stage to stay on the right track.

Moreover, everything starts with acceptance, agreement, and clear contact to be discussed before planning how effective coaching can be prepared and planned well. Next, as an official organization, ICF is the real support for coaching to spread this culture all over the world. The coaching horizon is extensive, and there are always expectations and preparation continuously. The base for coaching is collaborating with the client and applying the proper competencies to make successful sessions. Finally, coaching has many schools with various theories; when it comes to implementation, all focus on the client case. Coaching is an exciting field for me, and want to change myself and other people in my country. I am fully aware that coaching is not a magic stick that solves everything but works on the right and present time.

In my professional life:

I had an argument with a colleague about some work issues, and it ended up like no more conversation, it was only greeting. At first, I thought this is better for us, but with time, I felt there is something wrong. Then, I decide to speak with her and clear all misunderstandings. The next morning, I greeted everyone in the office, including her. Then I opened small and quick chit chat just to release the tension between us. Next, I sat next to her desk, started talking, and explained what happened and how things went off. She mentioned a few things that made her day at that time bad, and things ended up good.

The main learning process is that I must build a new connection with what I know, what I need to know, and what I have to figure out more, which applies to the coaching process we explored in the second session. Moreover, the coaching has a clear system that starts with – submitting a contract and agreement as the first step to rise up the awareness to accept that another person can see through your mind as being your coach, to build a good conversation, dig deep without terrifying your client, and be creative with asking questions that open other doors for the clients to highlight the answers via his/her eyes.

In my personal life:

Attending a coaching course was a little bit confusing to join because of the preparation of the final exams at school. In addition, my parents were hesitating to support me because they believe if the courses were for personal improvement, then keep them till vacation. I decided to speak with my boss if possible, to have a few days as on leave for the course and she wished all the luck for me. Then, my parents felt relieved, and here I am to be an effective coach.

How to step up to handle well and improve results:

  1. Being honest and having clear thoughts to express.
  2. Seeing things from different aspects with all possible consideration.
  3. Be open and accept all reactions.

What is the heart of my concern?

To be accepted by others.

Have you ever thought you were uncomfortable with any situation?

Sometimes, depends on who might be involved in that situation.

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