A client is the focus of the coach, and that is the golden rule of the play

To become a professional coach, we shall understand ourselves in a much precise way to understand others and support them with what they want to achieve. The main base that offers us this ability is to communicate with ourselves correctly and reflect the outside world through our inside representation. Our input channels from the outer/external world are our senses capturing pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells, and self-talk, to name a few. All these channels are informational tools that build our internal perceptual behavior bridge with the outside world’s projection attitude through the NLP communication model.

We believe that the map is not the territory, so our internal representation of the outer event isn’t the event itself but our internal reflection of the incident running through our internal process. The event then creates a state in combination with psychology. It refers to our inner emotional state of being sad, happy, confused, positive, etc. hence, we create an attitude that we project as our behavioral perception. While processing the external event coming in through our sensory input channels, it’s filtered because we delete the elements and aspects that we didn’t pay attention to, distort what shifts our experience of sensory and misrepresent the reality, and generalize the information with respect to the number of elements that filter our perception and conclusion.

So, the current reactions in the present time are reactions of past memories that we collected and influence our current perceptions. Concerning the memories, the decisions we made in the past may create belief or affect our understanding over time. To create a different perspective on our thoughts and expressions or what we would like to share, we shall open up and feel free and comfortable to share whatever we want without any boundaries, it’s the hunger to know and listen to more from our clients. Speaking about anything openly allows us to set goals on what we want to achieve and focus on what’s needed to reach it.

These actions required to achieve our goal must cope with our environment to ensure not to harm any other side of our surroundings and keep balance. It’s important to guide our clients on the right track. The activity of reframing our thoughts is the power to ask reasonable, short, and valuable questions to get our clients to think differently and different perspectives. Hence, when our client(s) struggle with something and can’t enhance their leadership, whether through skills, behavior or environment, we as coaches shall guide them to the right track to see things from another perspective.

To be more successful in life and in the profession, it’s important to know ourselves and manage our feelings and others more than anything else. When it comes to emotions and thinking, its positivity that we should focus on. It will control our decisions and the way we reflect our emotions and our behavior on incidents. Nowadays, we live in a high-tech era and social interaction where people see things and think of them from different perspectives. Enhancing our skills and competences will help us manage to build a better environment and inspire/influence others through cooperation. When we think of a better decision, better behavior, and an enhanced future, we must observe our current situation 360 degrees providing relevant and to-the-point information.

Our input is a result of our feelings during any certain incident connected to our values, beliefs, etc. and the feelings of the others at the same place and time. When we evaluate the whole picture and thoughts at once, we shall manage every step taken. The word said or kept silent to analyze the entire scenario investigating additional or all perspectives that will draw the bottom line of the reflection and ones-controlled feelings, thoughts, and actions.

In my opinion, the most essential tool that we must work on and enhance continuously is ourselves and coach ourselves for the sake of our clients in the future. The more powerful we are, the more powerful our clients will be transformed; by nature, we should be the best listeners and focused people ever.

We trust our guts, and we filter out what we are listening to and download the input that we already know. Besides, we try to understand and look for facts because we are not ready to accept what we are waiting to hear. To help our clients, we shall not evolve with a similar experience and listen from within and emphasize the same emotions. Instead, we must focus much more on the client and see what’s coming next and how I can further emerge and build on what the client is sharing. Its to be comfortable with the unknown and discover what is beyond the situation. A client is the focus of the coach, and that is the golden rule of the play.

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