What Motivated you to be a Life Coach in India?

India is at the cusp of a digital transformation, with an economy charging ahead in its road to develop economically and technologically. The country’s developmental phase gives into its competitive environment that resonates from classrooms to corporate boardrooms, ultimately showing its effect on personal life. There are various societal, political, and other problems on top that takes a toll on the mind and the body, making them lose hope and purpose in life.

I have seen these signs among my colleagues, my acquaintances, and the younger generation. There is somewhere a lack of motivation and positive energy that is pulling them away from their goal.

I was comfortable in my 9 to 5 job, when seeing and interacting with people around me suddenly initiated this urge within that I need to do something more, something meaningful. What if there was a way that I could make people understand what they are lacking and support them to find a direction in life? That thought motivated me to take up life coach training to become a certified life coach in India.

Why I Became a Life Coach?

Anyone can be a life coach, but it is unlike any educational course that you will ever undertake in life. Being a life coach is a calling from within, you need to have a knack for it. If you have it in you, you can become a great coach and change the lives of people and yourself. What made me become a life coach? Well, I had my reasons:

  • From a very young age and even in school, I had my friends and juniors come to me to share their problems and ask for suggestions. Although I was never the one to give an opinion, as the person should determine and rectify their problem on their own, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I always extended my support.
  • I was always a good listener. I made time for people listening to them hearing their woes and even helped them detect their shortcomings.
  • Being a naturally born helper, helped me embark on this journey to become a life coach
  • I also had this inherent quality to influence the emotions of others

Apart from these inherent qualities, I was seeking something meaningful from my life. I wanted a profession that will help me earn well and allow me to have a better purpose in life, like being of assistance to people who wanted to bring meaningful changes.

Life coaching in India

How did I Get a Life Coach Certification?

Finding a good institute was a challenge at first, but finally, after much research and recommendation, I found Coach Transformation Academy. Though it’s headquartered in Dubai, they do provide classroom training in India and online as well.

The Coach Transformation Academy (CTA), is a well-known institute offering both classroom and online coach training and has a global network of certified coaches hailing from different parts of the world. When you are looking for coach training programs, you need to ensure that those are all recognized by credible organizations like the International Coach Federation (ICF), Continuing Coach Education (CCE), or European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). CTA has accreditation from all of the above and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

I initially got enrolled in the foundational coaching skills course. Although I later on upgraded to the advanced coach training program to become a professional certified Life Coach.

After getting my certificate, the best part was getting access to their own network of globally certified coaches from different countries and backgrounds. Interacting with them helped me a lot. Gradually, I started my practice, and now I am guiding self and others through various twists and turns in life.


If you want to become a certified professional coach, then CTA will be an excellent choice. The classes are very flexible, experiential, practical, and easy to follow. The support from mentors and staff will make your coaching certification journey a memorable one. Become a Certified Life Coach in India with us.

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