What is professional coaching? Who is a professional coach?

Professional Coaching

According to the ICF Global Coaching Study of 2020, 81% of respondents agreed that professional coaching has an enormous amount of potential to accelerate individual development. The spectrum of professional coaching in New Zealand has witnessed a boom in the past few years as the Gen X managers and leaders are striving to open up to a whole new world of possibilities. The corporate field is evolving at a quintessential pace and people who want to keep up, switch professions or boost their productivity or acquire new skills are opting for professional coaching. Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out why professional coaching is the buzz of corporate showbiz nowadays.

A brief overview of professional coaching in New Zealand

Currently, professional coaching is embraced as the pathway to establish a more enriched workplace. With a series of one-on-one interactions and intuitive workshops, the goal of coaching is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills for positive behavior change. Coaches form a relationship with their clients to aid them in achieving a mutually identified set of goals.

From individuals who are eagerly trying to opt for a more fulfilling career, teams who are trying to align to the company objectives to leaders who need empowerment, coaching can be beneficial for everyone who wants to move forward development. In fact, 48% of leaders that underwent professional coaching deciphered an exponential increase in the quality of their work.

There are 52 Associate Certified Coaches, 21 Professional Certified Coaches, and 3 Master Certified Coaches as per the ICF’s New Zealand website. And around 14 EMCC coaches. Professional coaching in New Zealand is pretty new yet becoming popular as there are now almost 3000 coaches in the Oceania region. This would significantly increase with the rise of coaching.

Types of coaching

Coaching motivated people to work exceptionally. It identifies their strengths and weaknesses to preach forward a strategic developmental blueprint. However, some well-known types of coaching include:

  • Life coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • NLP training
  • Career coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Performance coaching, and much more

When individuals seek one or more than one of these coaching alternatives, they can overcome creative blocks and embark on an optimistic journey of progress. On the other hand, when organizations opt for professional coaching, they can hike their overall productivity, boost engagement, foster more empathetic workspaces, create sustainable working strategies, and grow more coordinated teams. The result from professional coaching can reap wonders, however, make sure to pick the right accredited partner for more result-oriented programs.

Dig deeper

The definition and standards of professional coaching in New Zealand have changed massively. Now coaching isn’t just the way to be a better version of yourself, it is a full-fledged professional as well. If you are seeking personal and professional growth as your coaching objective and you want to be an accredited coach, then it’s high time to switch to ICF. It is globally recognized as the gold standard in coaching and individuals who opt for ICF can find new opportunity windows that can add stars to their coaching portfolio.

For more information and further details regarding ICF certification, get in touch with the professionals at Coach Transformation Academy.

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