What is pro bono coaching & How to make most of it?

It is quite common for newly certified coaches to get fewer clients than the established ones. People feel more comfortable going to the ones with good reviews and happy clients with positive feedback. But we all know that practice makes it perfect, and a new coach needs to conduct sessions with varied clients to hone their learned skills. Therefore, to make up for the lack of paid clients, many coaching freshers opt for pro bono coaching.

What is pro bono coaching?

Pro bono coaching is when a coach conducts a session with the client either free or at a much lower cost. Pro bono comes from the Latin term pro bono public, meaning ‘for the public good.’ All services that are provided by professionals at a lower cost or for free are considered pro bono. Many professionals offer their pro bono services to non-profit organizations, such as educational institutions, healthcare facilities, foundations, charities, etc. Some also provide pro bono services to individuals who are unable to pay for the same. While pro bono is mostly associated with legal services, the same approach in coaching is a practice common among new coaches.

Why should you try pro bono coaching?

Pro bono coaching is best for professionals who have just started their practice, but it is also beneficial for the ones who have been coaching for a long time. It is great to create a base for your practice and hone your skills by offering free services to clients and organizations. Since it has no financial constraints, it is easy to get new clients.

The more sessions you conduct, it improves your coaching skills, not to mention the clients that you help spread the good word, providing feedback to others. It helps you get more clients and start a full-fledged practice. For the ones who are established as coaching professional, pro bono coaching is an act of giving back to society, embraced by many in that community.

How to make the most effective use of pro bono coaching?

The concept of coaching propagates a creative and thought-provoking process that helps an individual to maximize their potential for personal and professionals’ benefits. Pro bono coaching is a great way to reach out to more people and what coaching is all about and how it can change their lives. Here’s how it goes:

  • When conducting pro bono coaching, you need to share with the client, how as a coach, you can support them in creating realizing the issues that have been disrupting their life.
  • You can help them draft a blueprint to address those issues, not to mention advance towards goal fulfillment, both personal and professional.
  • The session should be directed towards successful coaching engagement with clients from diverse backgrounds, leading to an acceleration of social progress.

That said, a lot concerning pro bono coaching depends on the client’s understanding of the coaching process and its relevance.

Concluding Note

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