What is conscious parenting? Does it work?

Parenting tiny, nurturing minds can become daunting when we fail to understand that our little ones have their own inclinations and thoughts – filled with a whirlwind of questions. Staying calm with kids can turn into a monumental amount of work when parenting involves infinite exhaustive tasks, from honing academic skills to monitoring physical and mental growth. Parenting decisions can be tough. With conscious parenting, parents can learn to view their children as independent beings.

Conscious Parenting - Coach Transformation Academy

What is conscious parenting?

Conscious parenting is about being mindful of all your interactions with your child. In conscious parenting, you connect with your children at a deeper level and understand how you can nurture their essence in the best possible ways. To simply put, you see your child as an individual being (yet growing with time and experience). You learn to accept and embrace the idea that the problem isn’t the kids, but our own “unconsciousness” as parents.

Conscious parenting is not a “handbook” where you can find some quick fixes or tangible solutions for parenting. Just like you are unique, so is the connection between you and your children. Only you can identify your child’s individuality as consciousness is a lifelong journey, a moment-by-moment practice to connect with yourself and your children. When you become conscious as a parent, your relationship starts to thrive on love, acceptance, and authenticity, rather than control, ego, and fear.

What is conscious parenting

Coaching and conscious parenting go hand in hand

Rather than relying solely on parenting books, blogs, and even parenting classes that justify parenting rules, a parenting coach can help parents learn to study the overall family dynamic and find the missing pieces. Coaching is the most effective way to become conscious and create powerful shifts in our behaviors. We have connected some dots about the personal struggles and striking solutions to typical parenting problems. In this video, we talk about conscious parenting, how we can as parents be mindful, and how coaching can help in parenting:

How a parenting coach can help?

  • Helps parents to see how their triggers and patterns deeply affect their everyday parenting.
  • Create a positive, encouraging, and safe environment for parents and children to explore and learn
  • Be emphatic and create accountability among each other.
  • Help develop the ability to tolerate both our own and our children’s emotions (especially the negative ones) and disconnect from their volatility.
  • Empower your children to live a fulfilled life.
  • Integrate a holistic approach as a parent to raise an emotionally healthy child and serve as a catalyst to leverage a child’s potential.

Conscious parenting can work like magic, but only when an expert coach is involved. Do you want to learn more about coaching? Contact us to know more.

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