We all are both right and wrong in different perspectives

In my work field, which is in the hospitality industry, we called them “guests,” and they are always right. In coaching, we called them “clients,” and they are always whole. I truly understand that in every field, we have to look at them in different ways and manners according to how they should be treated, and it is our duties and responsibilities to reach and meet their expectations. In coaching, however, the clients need to cooperate accordingly since coaching is a partnership. Coaching is quite challenging as coachee should be willing to improve themselves, discover and reach their true potentials, and the coach plays a huge part in it. I find coaching is more interesting in different ways, and reasons as coaches themselves are the transportation towards someone’s transformation, and the way I see it, it’s magic.

We are all born perfect and whole but life itself in general, we are all living and dealing with 2 faces in this so-called life, sadness and happiness, hate and love so on and so forth. We all are both right and wrong in different perspectives and circumstances, and we are all whole in some certain thing and can be broke in another thing, something we have in common as humans. The only difference is our outlook, how we react, how we perceive, and our perspective towards these 2 faces. It’s a personal choice, it’s either we will complain and cry of what had happened to us, OR we embrace life the way as it is, learn the lessons with a smile and grow with unshakable inner strength and great wisdom, which is my personal choice simply because life is indeed beautiful and amazing.

In two days of coaching class, I’ve noticed and realized that our differences are not to create a barrier and misunderstanding. But it is to cultivate a better understanding despite these differences, and it happens through acceptance and listening without judgment.

Some think straight from their minds, some from their heart and the other are those who connect their brains to their hearts. I’ve realized whatever is my or their personality is, at the end of the story, we need each other in so many ways. Logical people need warm and soft-hearted people to make their world beautifully round and vise versa. WE should embrace our uniqueness as we all have a wonderful story to tell, experienced to share and wisdom to give, WE ALL BELONG TO ONE GOD, and this makes us whole from the very beginning.

Therefore, being a coach for me is not just a profession. In my opinion, the coach must embrace that coaching is a mission of making a wonderful impact and creating magic in someone’s life, and this is her/his purpose in life. Effective coaching is not just base on being knowledgeable and being logical, but it’s all about having a passion for compassion and kindness, to the fact that this is in our DNA.

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