The Surge in Demand for Certified and Credentialed Life Coaches

Globally there is a shift seen within organizations and individuals. We are officially in the digital era and with organizations and businesses moving towards complete business transformation, it is becoming increasingly clear that individuals need to have a set of skills that are evolved in nature. The new order, also known as the techno-social order, is all about equipping individuals with a set of skills and abilities that will help in meeting the evolved demands in the ecosystem. For instance, machines are likely to take up a significant volume of work that is presently being handled by humans. Individuals need to learn how to co-exist and thrive in such an environment.

Professionals who are facing problems may sometimes be of the opinion that they do not possess the ability to come out of problems. However, the fact is that professionals do possess the ability to come out of issues. All that it takes is self-awareness of one’s ability and the technique of leveraging one’s own skills and align it with the goals of life. The challenges that are typically faced in achieving this is the inability to self-explore and look inwards. This requires the assistance of a life coach. A life coach is one who possesses transformational coaching certification, the experience and the ability to be able to help participants of coaching sessions understand their own limitations and abilities and work towards achieving their own goals.

The power of NLP
Among the different techniques and tools used by coaches is NLP. The key to success in handling situations and challenges in life is the need to handle emotions. Emotional decisions are always the reason for poor choices. However, it may sometimes be hard for individuals to be able to exercise greater control over their emotions in certain situations. This could be due to the situation itself. Individuals who are able to exercise greater control over their emotions are the ones who will find greater success in life as they will be better equipped to handle challenges. This requires NLP. This is a technique which helps to train an individual into understanding that others are not to be identified only by the behavior. It needs to be understood that behavior is not the only method of identifying an individual. There are various other aspects. If an individual can be accepted for what he or she is, then it is possible to be able to accept the person easily. This is the heart of the solution. A life coach who takes participants through sessions will use NLP to help participants achieve greater success in life. Similarly, a participant in a program who is granted training in NLP will be in a better position to handle situations better.

Accredited training programs
While there are many credentials available, ICF is regarded as gold standard as it offers life coaches with the required experience to be able to offer coaching to participants that are transformative in nature. This is primarily because of the highest standards that are achieved through a process of accreditation of training programs and centres. Additionally participants desirous of acquiring credentials need to fulfill the criteria laid down in the program. The combination of the number of hours of experience, the accredited programs, the evaluation and the renewal system ensures that the trained coach will offer real value to participants.

Structured methodologies and models to assist in training
This is one of the reasons why ICF is preferred among organizations and individuals when looking for a coach with credentials. Many methodologies exist for training coaches and participants in a training program. One is the GROW model. Acronym for Goals, Reality, Options and Way Forward, this is a program that helps the participants to become fully aware of their abilities, their goals and the limitations or obstacles that they face in their lives. The approach is all about helping the participant understand these aspects and work towards achieving this goal in life. Aspirants who are desirous of obtaining ICF credentials need to be skilled in these methodologies and the training module itself comprises core competencies that will help the aspiring coach to acquire these skills.

If you are desirous of obtaining certification in your pursuit of becoming a life coach, it is necessary that you equip yourself with the necessary skills in addition to credentials. Credentials are always a part of the profession and should never be regarded as the end itself. Credentials without the required skill sets are of little or no use. This is exactly why it is absolutely necessary to opt for a training program that will equip you with the desired skill sets in addition to giving you the credentials.

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