The plan is to make it a way of life for me going forward.

The new learning for me is an in-depth understanding of, application of, and the tremendous impact of Emotional Intelligence skill.

Before attending this transformational life training, on personal and professional levels, the word emotional intelligence became a song of praise we used to share daily on assembly ground in college. The term was generically used without anyone at any point in time sharing the in-depth detail surrounding this elevating word.

I was practically haunted and broken several times with this powerful word. It negatively impacted my career and personally. I bought so many books on emotional intelligence. Some helped me, while some still left me wondering about the real meaning of this word.

How does it impact my being and doing?

Understanding of and application of Emotional intelligence has uplifted my purpose in life. The feeling is “freedom,” and I am experiencing “peace” at this moment with the assurance that it will go beyond now.

By being emotionally aware, there is assurance for me that I can build and maintain positive relationships through the identification of the emotional needs of myself and others.

My negative reaction level to negative / abusive relationship (s) will drastically reduce. My thinking level will be increased as being aware of my emotions encourages me to rationally think before responding or reacting and making wise decisions. It will assist me with the ability to empathize with other people.

Being emotionally aware will assist my skill with team members and positioning for leadership roles.

Boost my confidence in dealing with people, especially now that I am going into the people management world business.

Opportunity for people to emulate my character and choose me as a role model, coach, and mentor when I display the emotional intelligence skill in me.

It moves me from being a highly emotional person to a reasonable and understandable person.

Opportunity to receive objective feedback from people who might think I was too emotional to manage the outcome of the dialogue.

How does it change my worldview and perspective?

I have understood that people have different wants with different emotional needs – this simply means that the people are not treated the same way.

There is a need for a deep understanding of the individual you come across or plan to have and build a relationship with – different folks with different strokes.

Enlightened on the reason why EI is a required skill for Situational leaders, Board members, and both alpha male and female as some powerful decision with the use of powerful emotions will be made without being emotionally attached or biased.

I used to be biased with my thinking that women are born to be highly emotional while men are not. My orientation has changed that as other skills can be learned and be improved upon, so is intelligence, also a skill for everyone without gender distinction.

I understand better now that self-management can help team members and other colleagues change negative attitudes/behavior to positivity and enhance productivity.

That with effective self-awareness skills, good performance is guaranteed, and conflict can be minimized among team members, peers, and co-workers.

Building Trust – struggled with understanding how trust could be possessed, obtained, and maintained among employees, family, and friends. However, I have a new perspective that understanding and applying emotional needs and preferential treatment and trust can be built.

Non-Judgemental: I realized that it is selfish to view situations/relationships without the benefit of the doubt to understand others. A better understanding of the two sides of a coin.

What does it make me stretch?

It will make me stretch my existing and future relationship and engagement both at personal and professional capacity:

  • Existing and future relationship and engagement with my immediate family.
  • Existing and future relationship and engagement with my extended family.
  • Existing and future relationship and engagement with my friends.
  • Existing and future relationships and engagement with my colleagues.

What does it inform me about my practice?

I now have the enlightenment that for me to become a talented, certified professional coach practitioner and a better version of myself in society, a timely understanding of human behavior is very essential and a critical success factor to my “being.”

Awareness and application of Emotional intelligence skill is a continuous journey which needs to be used consciously and unconsciously with every human interaction.

As a future CEO/business owner, it is a requirement for me, as I will be employing and managing people with different backgrounds, environmental upbringing, emotional needs, and feelings.

To continue to be a good mother and a wife, continuous learning of emotional needs and their essential application is necessary to maintain peace and harmony among my immediate family.

The deliberate effort of continuous understanding of my friends and family to be put in place to have a better relationship. For me to be mirrored in the society or in the group that I anticipate to belong to as a mentor, possession, and application of emotional intelligence skill are requirements for appointment.

For my ambition of appointment as a board member of an organization or institution to be achieved, it is highly crucial that I posse and apply the EI skill regularly as it is required for powerful decision making.

It is a requirement for me as a coach or mentor for college students. Inadequate possession of emotional intelligence skills can portray me as impatient and difficult to work with. It is impeccable to ensure that this skill becomes part and parcel of my “being and doing.”

How will this translate into action:

To fully increase self-awareness and self-management skills, I already have a diary/ journal to analyze my emotions as they occur. This is to enable me to discover my domineering emotions and to work on how to improve on where I have challenges.

Yesterday, I placed a call to one of my friends with whom I am currently building a relationship to understand her. Fortunately, she shared her childhood experience with me, which made me understand more about her values, beliefs, and principles. I was able to understand some of her emotional needs and preferences.

I used the same opportunity to let her know what I wanted from her as well. There is a plan to engage as many people as I can to let them know my intention of being a better version of myself, build more relationships. I understand the criticality of human interaction in one’s success and accomplishment in life. In all spheres of life, human interaction and engagement can only pave the way to success and betterment.

The plan is to make it a way of life for me going forward.

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