The Eligibility Requirements of ICF Certification

The ICF or International Coach Federation certification credits the skills and specialties of coaching professionals adding a new star to their resume for career advancement. The certification program, like all other similar programs, has a few eligibility ICF certification requirements that students need to meet to qualify. One can get their ICF coach certification through our online or classroom training program.

  • For ICF membership, you need to have a current ICF credential which could be any of ACC, PCC or MCC or enrolled as a student in any ongoing program.
  • To apply for ICF credentialing, you need to have completed any of the ICF certification training programs, even a 60 hours training counts as long as it is ICF approved.
  • New members need to get enrolled with some ICF accredited coaching program that has the distinction of either ACTP or ACSTH.


The training that are accepted by ICF as coach-specific are:

  • Training in any ICF Approved Coach Training Program counts as long as it is applied under ACTP, ACSTH or CCE. Needless to say that any ICF accredited coaching programs meet the required qualifications.
  • The training that you have had needs to have a designation of specific hours.
  • Apart from the training you need to undergo mentoring.
  • If you have been trained by a provider of Continuing Coach Education, then the approved hours for all core competences will be accepted and students can apply for credentialing under portfolio pathway.

ICF credentialing has a different requirement depending upon different pathways, for example ACTP, ACSTH & Portfolio pathway. There are 3 pathways to apply, they are ACTP, ACSTH & Portfolio pathway. For all level of credentials student need to complete the following requirements:

  1. Completion of coaching training
  2. Completion of 10 hours of mentor coaching
  3. Coaching experience (hour vary depending on Level of credentialing)
  4. Completion of CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment)

Coach Transformation Academy is an ICF accredited coach training organization with its corporate office in Dubai, conducts ICF approved coach training programs to help aspiring coaches to become a professional Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach or a Career Coach. We are accredited and authorized to deliver CCE, ACTP and ACSTH programs for ICF.

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