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The Coach Transformation Team

The Coach Transformation Team
Haris Syed

Haris Syed

CEO & Founder

Dr. Haris Syed is the Founder and Owner of Coach Transformation Academy.
He has an extensive background in Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Corporate Training.

Adel Al Marzouqi

Adel Al Marzouqi

Arabic Program Leader & Faculty – UAE

Adel Al Marzouqi is one of the partners and executives manager’s at Coach Transformation Academy.

Alexis Dunstan

Program Leader & Faculty – NLP

Alexis is a Certified Senior Practising Coach (SCPC), NLP Coach and Trainer and ICF Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC).

Damian K ten Bohmer

Damian K ten Bohmer

Program Leader & Faculty – Australia

Damian is ACC credentialled from International Coach Federation (ICF) – Coach Transformation Academy (CTA).

Franda Kay Graves

Franda Kay Graves

Program Leader & Faculty – USA

Franda is CTA Faculty as an ICF-PCC Certified Professional Coach, CPRC (Certified Professional Recovery Coach) and CTA-SCPC Coach and Coach Trainer.

Jan Studeny

Jan Studeny

Program Leader & Faculty – Czech Republic

Jan has achieved PCC certification according to ICF (International Coach Federation).

John Kairouz

John Kairouz

Program Leader & Faculty – Lebanan

John is a Executive & Brain Coach, Master Trainer, Motivational & Technical Speaker.

Mahmoud Abouzaid

Mahmoud Abouzaid

Program Leader & Faculty – Egypt

Mahmoud is accredited as Professional Certified Coach PCC from ICF and Certified Clear Beliefs Coach from Lion Goodman and ICF.

Samina karimi

Samina Karimi

Program Leader & Faculty – Pakistan

Samina Karimi is an ICF – PCC Professional Certified Coach, SCPC-CTA , NLP practitioner and Founder of Won Thousand Ways – Pakistan’s only ICF certified coach-training and coaching company.

Samir Al Sharif

Samir Al Sharif

Program Leader & Faculty – Egypt

Samir is a Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Training Expert with broad experience in Educational and Family Counseling.

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Pearl Kanu

Program Leader & Faculty – Nigeria

Pearl is a CTA-SCPC/ICF-ACC Coach. She obtained MBA & MSc Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus formerly  University of Maryland College Park.


Ritu Gaur

Program Leader & Faculty – India

Ritu Gaur is an ICF Certified Coach, and ABNLP certified NLP Trainer. As a Transformational Leadership & Life Coach, she works with growth-oriented professionals.

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    Dr Haris Syed

    Ph.D., ICF - MCC, BCC, MP – EMCC
    Program Director & Master Faculty

    Dr. Haris Syed is the Founder and Owner of Coach Transformation Academy.
    He has an extensive background in Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Corporate Training. In addition to facilitating coaching certification programs, Dr. Syed is also engaged with multinational companies in designing solutions in the areas of Creating Coaching Culture, Leadership Development through Coaching, Manufacturing Performance, Team Coaching, Management, and Leadership Skills and Design Human Engineering.
    Dr. Syed has earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Performance Psychology. He is also an ICF-certified Master Coach (USA), Certified Mentor Coach, Board Certified Coach from Center for Credentialing and Education (BCC - CCE, USA), Master Practitioner - European Mentoring and Coaching Council (MP - EMCC, UK) and NLP Certified Master Trainer from Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP- UK).
    Dr. Syed also specializes in Human Resources and Organizational Development and Designing Organizational Change Strategies.

    His extensive background in Human Resources and Learning and Development has earned him a reputation for successful outcomes throughout many Fortune 500 companies. Coaching leaders around the world, his client list includes corporate leaders from major companies such as Amex, HSBC, Pepsi, Light House Arabia, UNB, and DHL, to name a few. He is known for his ability to take seemingly complex issues and break them down into easily solvable opportunities for organizations and individuals.

    Adel Al Marzooki

    SCPC - CTA | PCC - ICF, Master degree

    Adel is Arabic Program Leader and Faculty at Coach Transformation Academy and he has leadership, supervisory, managerial, managerial, technical and educational experience spanning 20 years, a Kuching expert and a Khmer in strategic planning and a trainer and lecturer in the field of administrative and strategic development  Excellence, creativity, innovative thinking, happiness and positivity are a winner of more than 10 awards for career and institutional excellence in the Dubai government.  He won the creative employee of the Dubai Government Excellence Program and his generosity, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum >>>>>> dubai, in addition to facilitating the presentation of sessions and programs of coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation ICF-PCC .

    Adel also participated with many companies and institutions in designing their solutions on creating a culture of coaching, happiness and positivity, and developing leadership  Through Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Educational Coaching Teams coaching, Management and Leadership Skills, and more Mr. Adel Al Marzooqi Coach approver as a professional certified coach from ICF  as PCC, Also, he is Certified instructor from the American International Center for Professional Training and a member of the Scientific Union for NLP in USA, and Foundation for Resources Development, Malaysia.

    Marzooqi's extensive work experience in the field of coaching and the development of leaders and human resources gained a prominent place in obtaining great results for companies and government departments.  He offers coaching training programs and sessions for leaders, managers, and interested people around the world. Also, known for his ability to deal with seemingly complex issues and break them down and transform them easily into solvable opportunities for organizations and individuals.

    John Kairouz

    SCPC - CTA | ACC - ICF

    John is a Human Development Consultant, Executive & Brain Coach, Master Trainer, Motivational & Technical Speaker, TV Anchor, Master of Ceremony, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Researcher, Writer and Organizational Development Specialist. His experience is built on having consulted, trained, and coached over 220 companies in 16 industries on 3 continents. John has spent over 17 years extensively researching Human Behavior within organizations in the areas of Neuroscience & Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Brain Training, Brain Nutrition, Cultural Engineering, Science of Leadership, Science of Communication, Science of Sales, Science of Service & Body Language.

    His passion to help accelerate human performance & enhance culture has made him a leader in the coaching, training, mentoring and speaking industry. John received multiple awards and certificates of recognition for excellence in performance from breaking national sales records 3 years in a row, to training, coaching and developing over 40,000 individuals in Europe and the MENA region. Being blessed with a multi-cultural background, John’s sensitivity to the beliefs, values, behavior, psycholinguistics and the nuances of the many countries and types of companies he has trained have allowed him to master communication and the ability to inspire people into permanent change.


    • ICF – ACC & PCC
    • EMCC Mentor & Coach
    • BCC Professional Coach
    • CTA Certified Professional Coach
    • Certified Master Trainer – ATD (Association for Talent Development)
    • Certified NLP Performance Coach
    • Human Resources & Happiness Coach
    • TV Anchor – MBC 4, MTV, LBCI
    • Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programing & Time Line Therapy – Tad James, NLPEA, INLPTA, ANLP
    • Advanced Project Management – Stanford University
    • Peak Performance Coach – Tad James, Excellence Assured
    • Cross Cultural Engineer - IRC
    • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist- CHII
    • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Tool - TKI
    • Expert in Micro Gestures (METT 2) - Paul Ekman
    • Body language – Allan Pease, VV Edwards
    • Lie Detection – Whetstone Security Group
    • ATD Professional Member

    Franda Kay Graves


    Throughout her life and career, Franda has always had a love for serving others. Professionally, she worked as a Clinical Specialist-Respiratory Therapy for more than 30 years. Academically, she has earned her BS in Respiratory Therapy/ Healthcare Management and is currently completing her MA in Organizational Leadership. She enjoys writing and editing/proofreading, is an avid reader and traveler. She has previously conducted workshops in Conflict Resolution, Personal Empowerment, Drug Prevention, Intervention and Support, and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace. Franda is now embarking on a new path of her life journey as an ICF-ACC certified professional coach and CTA-SCPC coach and coach trainer. Her mission is to provide a safe, rewarding partnership focusing on the growth and needs of her client. As CTA faculty, her mission is to encourage, train, motivate, and mentor all aspiring coaches through comprehensive group and one-on-one training.

    Samina Karimi

    SCPC - CTA | ACC - ICF | Certified NLP Practitioner & Coach

    Samina Karimi has spent more than a decade in university lecture halls, developing and nurturing young minds, as an English language facilitator and Developmental Economist lecturer. Her experience in coaching non-native speakers of English, hailing from diverse cultures, nationalities and age groups, to master English as a first language, make her an expert in chunking any subject in a simple, easy-to-grasp manner.

    To advance her understanding of human development, she completed her training as a certified professional coach and NLP practitioner, where she developed clean language techniques and active listening skills and became adept at effectively engaging with people to guide them towards a better understanding of their self and their environment. To further her goals of optimizing human potential, she founded WON THOUSAND WAYS, a coaching and coach-training enterprise, where her specialty as a life and business coach is to help clients discover their core values and beliefs and connect fully with their creativity, confidence and flow. As a firm believer in contributing to the common good, she micro finances small businesses and mentors entrepreneurs through workshops and one to one coaching, to realize their business goals.

    Her academic background in business studies, professional experience as a knowledge / skill facilitator and training as a coach bring about a synergy that make her coaching and training unique.

    Damian K ten Bohmer

    ACC (ICF) – SCPC (CTA)

    Combine patience, curiosity, a passion for team high-performance plus authenticity, and you get Damian, an Australian, who has been an active member of the international hospitality industry for over 35 years, making a positive impact in every hotel, office, city or country where he has operated. With in-depth, first-hand experience, working his way from the bottom (as a Steward) to the top (as General Manager) and more recently as Senior Regional Director, covering the Middle East & Africa, with 98 hotels, and over US$1.4 billion in revenue; he truly has a deep understanding of the brands, colleagues, industry, markets, guests, cultures, religions and geography in which he has worked.

    Damian is a uniquely skilled, internationally experienced Commercial Leader, having worked in over 40 countries and lived in 7, he remains grounded and is very well experienced at forming culturally diverse, remote teams and enabling them to become high-performance business partners and individuals, in an environment where people continually learn, improve, develop and have a lot of fun along the way. His peers and the industry recognise this understanding and passion for people, they see him as a selfless, humble, authentic yet driven leader who takes the time to understand his team, create and grow lasting relationships that transcend geographies and always works hard to build, maintain and drive high-performance within the organisation.

    Moving into Professional Business, Executive and Group Coaching has come naturally to Damian. He holds an ACC credential from International Coach Federation (ICF) C/- Coach Transformation Academy (CTA), and plays an active role in the Australian Coaching and Business industry, bringing his unique Global experience and insight into Australia and his coaching work, he will positively impact as many people as he can in the years ahead.

    Alexis Dunstan

    SCPC - CTA | ACC - ICF | Certified NLP Practitioner & Coach

    Alexis is a Certified Senior Practising Coach (SCPC), Neuro-linguistic Program Coach and Trainer (NLP) and International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC). Alexis is an experienced Human Resources Leader. Leading high-performance teams in Australia and the UAE. In addition to her corporate experience, Alexis has consulted for corporations and non-profits in the areas of organisational change, strategic development and large scale, complex transformation projects. Alexis is strategic, futuristic, commercial and engaging. She partners with individuals and teams to align goals to strategy for optimal outcomes of excellence. Alexis native language is English and she is fluent in French, Japanese and Tagalog. She has intermediate level language skills in Italian and Catalan.

    Area of Expertise

    • Coaching
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Development
    • Organisational Change
    • Communication and Transformation
    • Neuro-linguistic Programming
    • Consulting

    Coaching Expertise

    For Business

    Business Coaching
    High Potential & Development Coaching
    Team & Group Coaching
    NLP for Business (training) 

    For Individuals

    Executive Coaching (C-suite)
    Career Coaching
    Performance Coaching
    Relationship Coaching
    NLP Training

    Industry Experience

    Property & Real Estate

    Educational Background

    Master of Global Business Administration, specialising in International Management, SBS Swiss Business School
    Master of Human Resources, specialising in Human Resource Management, SBS Swiss Business
    Associate Certified Coach ICF, International Coach Federation
    Senior Certified Professional Coach, CTA Coach Transformation Academy
    NLP Coach & Trainer, CTA Coach Transformation Academy
    Certified Practising Human Resources Professional, CAHRI, Australian Human Resources Institute

    Samir Al Sharif

    ACC, ICT, Training Expert
    Faculty-Coach Training (Egypt)

    Samir is a Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Training Expert with broad experience in Educational and Family Counseling , Personal Development, Stress Management and Quality of Life for Personal and Family Compatibility. He is a Trainer of Trainers in TOT Courses for a long time beside Training Life Coaches. He has got the First Training Expert in GSTHD during his training for TOTs and Coaching. He is accredited as CIT Certified International Trainer from Ain Shams University and is considered the First Researcher in Coaching Methodology in the Mental Health Department (Faculty of Education- Al Azhr University. He is accredited as Associate Certified Coach ACC from the International Coach Federation ICF and has got ACSTH Relationship Coach.

    He could help many people in the field of Educational and Family Counseling to solve many problems and overcome many obstacles with focusing on Personality and Characteristics of Individuals and Groups. Moreover, as specialist in Mental Health, could help many people to cope with and manage Stress and improve their Quality of Life on the term of Personality, Family and Society.
    In a co-operative process, many people (youth, individuals, couples and families) could discover their dreams and goals, could explore their experiences and potentials and could be aware of the reality and have insight of the future. Moreover, many people could set their goals, set action plans and achieve their desired goals using many approaches such as CBT and SFT approaches.

    Mahmoud Abouzaid

    ACC, CCBC, ATD Master Trainer, SHRM-CP
    Faculty-Coach Training (Egypt)

    Mahmoud is a Coach, Trainer and HR Professional with broad experience in Human Resources Management in the areas of performance management, people development, organization structuring, job description, job evaluation, competency management and HR improvement initiatives.  He is accredited as HR Professional SHRM-CP from the Society of Human Resources Management SHRM and ATD Master Trainer from Association of Talent Development ATD. He worked in multi-national companies such as ORYX GTL and Qatar Islamic Bank.

    His experience paved his way to the fields of training and coaching. He is accredited as Associate Certified Coach ACC from the International Coach Federation ICF and Certified Clear Beliefs Coach from Lion Goodman and ICF. He delivers various coaching courses and believes that coaching is a turning point in his life and the life of many people. He has helped many people to find their compass in life, discover their potential and create their own development plans. He combines both theory and practice in training and follows strengths-based coaching approach.

    Jan Studený

    ACC, BA(Hons)
    Program Leader & Faculty – Czech Republic

    Honza has graduated on Nothingham trent university in Law and Economy. He has been involved in tennis coaching for 8 years, where he collaborated with various age categories of athletes. For more effective work, he completed a series of trainings in various areas from coaching to psychology, which is the basis of his approach to personality development. Coaching touched him so deep that he decided to be a proffesional coach. He achieved ACC certification according to ICF (International Coach Federation).

    His mission is coach and teach the leaders on the way to the mastery. He believes that developing leaders, whether within smaller companies or corporations, can have a strong positive impact on the quality of life of whole society. Honza's strongest value is freedom. He loves to learn new things and he is strongly positive person. His experience in coaching is over 1,600 sessions within individual coaching and over 200 meetings with teams.

    Jan Studený

    Program Leader & Faculty – Nigeria

    Pearl is a seasoned professional who works with corporate individuals and organizations to develop the right mindset and behaviors required to thrive in today’s highly complicated and changing work and business VUCA environment. She easily leads clients out of their comfort zones with grace.
    Her successful corporate journey experience for over 27 years in the Banking and Non- bank financial institutions where she played key roles up to executive and board levels helped to shape her quick transition to becoming an Executive/Leadership and Business coach.
    She had the opportunity to foster a high-performance culture among large teams and at some point in crisis and chaotic situations where teams gained insights that translated into actions.
    Some of her core competencies include:

    • Strategic, Business and Financial Analysis
    • Business Performance Improvement
    • Marketing and Product Line Development
    • Customer Service/Operations
    • Process Implementation
    • M &A
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Revenue Forecasting/cost control
    • Customer Acquisition and Retention
    • Project Management
    • Employee Training and Best Practices
    • Industrial Relations
    • Investment and Risk Management
    • Crisis Management

    Pearl is a CTA-SCPC/ICF-ACC Coach. She obtained MBA & MSc Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus formerly University of Maryland College Park.

    Ritu Gaur

    ICF Certified Coach, and ABNLP certified NLP Trainer
    Program Leader & Faculty – India
    A passionate trainer and coaching professional, Ritu is a people's person with 15 years of experience in spearheading training function and handling cross-functional relationships in the multicultural global environment. Her domain expertise lies in creating scalable learning solutions, engaging and influencing stakeholders, and leading global teams across geographies and projects. Ritu has worked with major brands like Expedia, Orbitz, Cheap tickets, Lastminute, and Ebookers. Her search to bring in mindfulness in the stressed mechanical corporate life led her to explore the domains of coaching, and she is now an ICF Certified Coach, and ABNLP certified NLP Trainer. As a Transformational Leadership & Life Coach, she works with growth-oriented professionals to create and achieve actionable goals. Being a woman herself, her passion for empowering women to grow as leaders has led her to work with Cherie Blaire Foundation as a Pro-Bono Business Mentor, where she works with businesswomen across the globe to help them scale up their businesses.