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Professional Coach Training in Taiwan | Online Coaching Skills Certification Courses in Taiwan

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Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is a world leader in online coaching training. CTA is an ICF (International Coach Federation) approved coach training school offering various levels of online coaching certificate training programs for life coaches, executive coaches, business coaches and career coaches in Taiwan. Our coach training courses are approved by ICF coach training which are conducted for various levels of coaching certifications & credentialing. Coach Transformation Academy has global community of coaches with many coaches from Taipei, New Taipei City, Koahsiung, Taichung City, Hsinchu and Tainan of Taiwan, who have attended our online courses and got certified as professional & certified coach. Most of our coaches from Taiwan have undergone coaching skills certificate course to enhance their career opportunity and develop themselves as coaching expert and utilize their learning in their current role as a profession. Coach Transformation Academy is an online coach training institute which means you learn coaching at the comfort of your home and connect with the coaches worldwide to learn and get exposure of real international leaning. We also offer classroom training programs at selected location but primarily conduct online training programs which are high-class and provide the flexibility at your pace while relaxing at home. As ICF accredited coach training institute, our curriculum is examined by ICF to ensure course standards meets ICF’s GOLD STANDART of coaching. Each session in your class is a unique learning experience, filled with personal sense of belonging to a global coach community and rewarding for self-development. Our course is delivered using practical approach of learning coaching methodologies through various transformational coaching models.

Coach Transformation Academy conducts online coach training courses of different levels, primarily the coach training programs which qualify to earn ICF credentials as ACC (Associate Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and MCC (Master Certified Coach) level credentialing, to become a professional certified coach and course also include a module to support you develop your own unique coaching niche, though we offer free coaching specializations modules as life coach, executive coach, business coach and career coach.

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Every course also included 10 hours of mentor coaching which is conducted as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching which is mandatory for ICF credentialing for all levels coach certification. With all the course you get free of cost specialization modules of 10 hours for building coaching niche where you can choose your coaching specialization as a life coach, executive coach, career coach or a business coach. All our coaches are made ready to launch their professional coaching career by undergoing 10 hours of business builder module in addition to coach training and mentoring. Our courses are based on advanced learning methodologies and adult learning principles with years of research and analysis in coaching and training. Each class has different module which is designed to take your coaching skills at a transformative and deeper level.

Our curriculum includes learning coaching skills using NLP, Emotional Intelligence, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and much more that you need to learn to ensure you don’t just coach your clients but transform your clients and help them reach their highest potential.

ICF Certified Professional Coach Training


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