Starting your own coaching business with CTA’s new-age business builder

The coaching industry is dynamic, rewarding, and at the same time, competitive. Starting your very own coaching business can be a bit overwhelming at the start. With the right guidance and effective strategy executed and implemented to the core, any coaching business can debunk existing myths of failure.

Coach Transformation Academy Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) certification training program deepens the coaching skills and gives you the support, tools, and approaches to start your own coaching business.

Starting your own coaching business with CTA’s new-age business builder

What is CTA-SCPC aimed at?

CTA SCPC Program Structure

The CTA SCPC provides 125 hours of coach training to aspiring coaches, and professionals seeking an ICF accredited coach training program. CTA SCPC offers ample opportunity and experience for learners to comprehend and question everything to the core. Our 30 weeks involve 10 hours of mentor coaching, 100 hours of coach-specific training, and 25 hours of assignments and fieldwork. Individuals who want to receive experiential, engaging and interactive coach training aligned with the ICF core competencies and ethics can opt CTA SCPC training program.

Coach Transformation Academy also provides access to the global coach community where you can practice coaching with your peers. An additional module, Business Builder module, gives you a great head-start to begin your own coaching business. Peer Coaching also boosts your confidence to work with a broader audience level and helps learn from professional mentors who recognize strong business skills in the coaching industry.

Do you want to start out as a certified professional coach? Contact us to know more about our SCPC training program.

CTA SCPC Program Structure

Why should you join our program?

With experienced mentors and experiential coach training, we facilitate the coaches to get rich and fulfilling learning experiences to set up their own business. Our professional coach training empowers aspiring coaches to develop their own coaching model and learn how to fuse coaching with their day-to-day life. With our global network of coaches and experiential training, coaches can build relationships with like-minded coaches from all around the world and boost their marketing skills.

Enroll in CTA SCPC program to get the best ICF certified coaching training and start your own coaching business.

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