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NLP Training Practitioner Course

NLP Training in South Korea | NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

NLP Training and Certification in South Korea

Start Your Practice as NLP Practitioner Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science and art to understand how humans think and communicate, how language and behavior shift from one person to another. NLP is a powerful tool that helps you to transform yourself and others. During NLP training, you learn to identify and replicate behavior, habits, mindset. And understand other people’s behavior and perspective, which you can use towards your professional advancement.

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is an Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and International Coach Federation (ICF)-certified NLP training provider in South Korea. CTA NLP courses are beneficial to all, irrespective of your profession!

CTA NLP training programs outcomes:

  • Understand customers’ buying patterns, communicate effectively, learn the persuasive language.
  • Motivate teams, improve public speaking skills, and understand clients’ behaviors.
  • Interact effectively with peers, build rapport quickly.
  • Change habits, learn new ways of being, improve mindset.

Key Features:

  • ANLP and ICF Certified
  • Classroom & Online training
  • Highly-interactive & experiential
  • Become an NLP Practitioner & Coach

NLP Course Content:

  • Understanding NLP communication model for coaching
  • NLP Circle of Excellence
  • NLP Frames & States
  • Coaching using NLP
  • Advance Level NLP Techniques
  • Application of NLP techniques in the coaching conversation
  • Coaching new resourceful beliefs
  • Working with self-limiting beliefs
  • Language of Persuasion
  • Coaching on Values, beliefs, attitude, and behaviors

Who should attend this course:

  • Sales Professional
  • Managers at Work
  • Aspiring Coaches
  • Coaches
  • Marketing Teams
  • Leaders
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Trainers and Facilitator

Become a better speaker, leader, marketer, and individual. Join the best NLP course in South Korea.

Learn more about our ICF & ANLP-Approved NLP Program.

Conduct this course in your organization. Become a certified NLP Practitioner in South Korea.

ICF Certified Professional Coach Training


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