What qualifications do you need to become a coach in Singapore?

How do I become a certified coach in Singapore

In the past few decades, Singapore has morphed into being the hub of the corporate culture. And because of executives’ heightening requirements to be influential leaders, coaching has turned into an outstanding alternative. Due to the possibilities that coaching offers as a flexible career alternative, more and more people are switching to professional coaching in Singapore. But, can you be a coach? What qualifications are required to be a coach in Singapore? Let’s read more!

Coaching as a career can be highly fulfilling and flexible with a diversified range of benefits. If you aspire to be a coach in Singapore, then there is no qualification that you need. Anyone can be a coach, but with credential and proper training, you can surely do justice to your profession and earn a revered name in your field.

What you DO NOT need to be a coach in Singapore?

To be honest, there are no prerequisites to be a certified professional coach in Singapore. Here are some things that you necessarily DO NOT need to certify as a coaching professional.

  • Minimum age limit because knowledge and expertise have no finite end.
  • Any higher academic qualification or degree because coaching is based on the interpersonal skills and learning abilities.
  • Any previous experience as a coach. Even with zero experience and massive determination, you can go for a coach training program. They will teach you how to become an expert coach who can make all the difference.

What skills do you need to acquire as a coach? What skills you learn as a coach?

Whether you are opting for Life Coaching or any other coaching, you will cultivate many skills personally and professionally during your coach training. Some of these include:

  • Enhanced communication skills. Trained coaches are better speakers. They have exceptional quality in communicating and engaging with any size of the crowd and they can interact flawlessly to convey their views.
  • Perspective growth. Throughout the coaching journey coaches learn to widen their horizons of knowledge and see the world through a different perspective. Emerging leaders can take the benefit of this attribute, put themselves in the shoes of their team and work together to hike the productivity quotient.
  • Rapport building and empathy. Trained coaches are more compassionate persons. Through active listening and observing, empathy develops gradually and a connection is built between the coach and the trainee.
  • Mirroring body language. Mirroring body language, eye contact and better posture constitute an integral aspect of the coaching process.
  • Mindful speech and listening skills. Coaching can teach individuals how to paraphrase, clarify and reflect back on what they say. Through coaching individuals don’t just learn talking less, questioning more and the value of mindful speech, but they also understand what positive reinforcement is.


So… the answer to the question… What qualifications do you need to be a coach in Singapore?…
Boils down to.. nothing! Yes, you do not need a degree necessary to be a coach. However, you do require some experience in the niche you want to specialize as a coach. For instance, if you’re going to be a Business Coach, you cannot coach until you know about doing business. Likewise, goes for other coaching niches.

So, if you want to become a certified coach, all you need is a good platform, not an extensive range of degrees. Coach Transformation Academy is a one-stop platform for ICF, EMCC, SHRM, CCE certification training programs. We equip coaches with skills and acumen to coach anyone, anywhere. Get in touch with us to know more about our world-class certified coach training programs.

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