Nothing will make me happier than turning chaotic thought into structured plans

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them. ”
-Timothy Gallwey

Like many other emerging disciplines, coaching has struggled with different difficulties of definitions. In an intellectual and developing era nowadays, the terms coaching faced a lack of clarity to frame its own explanation. For example, in sports, coaching can refer to a form of mentoring and influencing as this concept has also been seen or applied in workplaces, organizations, and educational institutes, leading to confusion about what coaching really is and what it is not.

Everything we do has a certain reason and value. Personally, I would always make sure that if I intend to do something, then I want to do it right and complete in a safe environment around myself and others, especially while dealing with other people who always have something positive inside of them. I focus on positivity, whether from my own family members, friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

This is part of the beliefs that I follow to develop myself every day to a better me, a better understanding of my surroundings and my world. People differ in the way they believe, the way they act, and how they behave, and that is what makes every person unique in what goes in his mind and how he communicates it with the outside world. We should always keep a balanced ratio between our minds and bodies to keep them both in a healthy shape. This will help us learn more about ourselves and access what’s inside us to recognize others more clearly since it’s a reflection of our internal mirror.

To become a coach and hold its definition, I shall continue to enhance and develop myself on a daily base & know how it does differ from being a consultant, a trainer, a mentor, and a counsel. As a facilitator, while partnering with clients and others, I will inspire them to creatively maximize their potentials and be curious about their thoughts, having communication as a source of information from the inside out to reach their goals with full attention and trust, and observation. “No one knows your life more than you do, you are the expert & you’re whole.” To classify the above-mentioned skilled professions is when we consider/act on the drives of the “what” or “why” approaches. What takes the trainers, coaches, and mentors under its wing is that they focus on transferring, unleashing, and developing the skills, respectively. However, why covers the counselors and the therapists who deal with the problems and the personal troubles of their clients?

I have begun the journey that I always looked for to continue developing myself from one side and to carry this message further to be able to support others while working on their personal and professional potentials. What inspires me the most in this journey is that coaching supports people 360 degrees in their lives; whether to gain more awareness and clarity of their own feelings and take appropriate actions to be more fulfilled; or at their career and business to identify their exact requirements and objectives at the organization as an individual and as a team member to facilitate their way on getting promoted and learn new skills.

When we want to cook a tasty meal, we need the right ingredients and a precise recipe. The same applies to us as individuals. To maximize our potentials and become more successful, we shall organize our thoughts, control our feelings, and focus on our certain goals. Life is a gift, and its daily challenges are lessons through which we strengthen our experience. This cycle is proven right when it follows a correct and clear system of guidelines and ethical standards to establish trust between partners within a safe environment that backs up their relationship and allows them effectively to communicate together and read between the lines whatever wasn’t said. I always say “put a smile on someone’s face” because everyone will feel better speaking from the inside out and will feel good to gain awareness.

Last but not least, I undergo a transformation phase currently that empowers my values, beliefs, and behaviors to focus more on my internal clarity and self-development because, without it, I will not reach my second target to coach and support others by reaching their goals. Nothing will make me happier than turning chaotic thought into structured plans.

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