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ICF Accredited Coaching Training Programs in Nigeria | Online ICF Coaching Certification

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program in Nigeria

Join ICF Accredited Coaching Program to become ICF Certified Professional Coach


ICF accredited online coach certification is one of the most selling programs in Nigeria. Working professionals look forward to ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coaching courses to grow in the current profession. Coach Transformation Academy is an ICF approved coach certification institute conduct online coaching programs for the professionals & aspiring coaches. Our previous programs have coaches living in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Abuja, of Nigeria and attended online coach certification training course. Our course is fully ICF accredited coach training program, which means you undergo from learning coaching to final exam with us and take ICF credentialing after fulfilling the requirements.

We are proud to be the largest ICF approved coaching institute in the world with presence of more than 90 countries. Coach Transformation Academy highly recommends working professional to undergo this coach certification program to take your career to the next level and if you are an aspiring coach and want to make coaching as your main profession, this is the best course for you to undergo. We conduct these 125 hours of program in two levels, level 1 & level 2. If you are starting & learning coaching as a beginner and want to become an advanced level of coach, you need to undergo complete 125 hours of coaching training, and if you have completed level 1 already you have to attend 65 hours of coaching training only.

Below are the details of these two levels separately.

Certified Professional Coach (Level 1)


This is the level 1 online program of ICF accredited coach certification training, this program is approved by ICF for 60 hours of coaching training and 10 hours of mentor coaching. During this course, you will learn the basics of coaching, core competencies of coaching, how to use these core competencies of coaching into your conversations, understanding behavioral and communication patterns of your coachee and much more. This online coach certification program will be covered in 3-4 months with 3.5 hours of weekly online sessions.

ICF requires coaches to undergo mentor coaching, with 60 hours of Level 1 coach training you will undergo 10 hours of mentor coaching which is conducted as 7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching. In this mentor coaching sessions, your coach trainer will give you the detailed feedback on the basis of coaching conversations so that you can improve and enhance your coaching skills. After completing mentor coaching, learner can choose to undergo business builder module. This module is for those aspiring coaches who wish to become a full-time coach &start working as a professional coach in Nigeria. Business builder module is optional for working professionals who want to learn coaching for their current role.

Once you complete these training hours, you can choose our specialization module of Life Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach or Business Coach. Coach Transformation Academy has designed this specialization module for the coaches who look forward to work as a coach with their preferred niche; they can master their niche with this specialization module of 5 hours. After you completed this, we will award you with the prestige designation of Coach Transformation Academy Certified Coach.


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Certified Professional Coach (Advanced Level 2)


Coach Transformation Academy offers this advanced professional coach certification (level 2) course to coaches who have completed 60 hours of coaching training (level 1), and wish to take their coaching skills and career to next level. You can also enroll for this course If you are new to coach training and have not undergo 60 hours before, in which case you need to attend 125 hours of coaching training to complete this course. Coach Transformation Academy covers the complete 125 hours of coaching training in 6-8 months with weekly classes of 3.5 hours.

This course contains advanced coaching skills, tools and techniques. You will learn advanced coaching psychology, organization and individual change models, emotional intelligence and much more.

When you start looking for online coaching course to become a professional coach if is very important for you to enroll for the right course with the right coaching institute. As a global leading coaching institute, we would highly recommend to choose ICF accredited advanced coaching program and ICF approved coaching certification training organization. You will get a global recognition after earning ICF certificate as a coach.


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ICF Certified Professional Coach Training


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