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life coach courses in Mumbai

NLP Training Practitioner Course in New Zealand

Join Our ICF Certified NLP Practitioner Courses

NLP Training and Certification in New Zealand

Start Your Practice As Life Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Team Coach or a Business Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is studying the psychology of understanding human behavior and communication patterns. NLP is a powerful tool that can help you bring transformational shifts in your behavior, habits, and mindset.

Certified by Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and International Coach Federation (ICF), the CTA NLP course empowers you to apply NLP strategies, tools, and techniques to a wide variety of scenarios, challenges, and transitions. Our NLP Trainer and Certification course help you build cognitive skills and strengthen persuasive communication skills.

We offer a certified NLP coach trainer course in New Zealand for professionals who want to start their NLP coaching practice or apply NLP towards professional development. Our NLP Practitioner program is ICF and ANLP-Approved. We offer NLP Practitioner programs for working professionals, coaches, and anyone who prefers to take their career and skills to the next level.

CTA NLP Trainer and NLP Practitioner programs in New Zealand are one of the most demanded courses among professionals. Our NLP course is a 6-day intense training workshop.

NLP Course Content:

  • Understanding NLP communication model for coaching
  • NLP Circle of Excellence
  • NLP Frames & States
  • Coaching using NLP
  • Learning of basic to Advance Level NLP Techniques
  • Application of NLP techniques in the coaching conversation
  • Coaching new resourceful beliefs
  • Working with self-limiting beliefs
  • Language of Persuasion
  • Coaching on Values, beliefs, attitude, and behaviors

Who should attend our NLP course:

  • Sales Professional
  • Managers at Work
  • Aspiring Coaches and NLP trainers/practitioners
  • Coaches
  • Marketing Teams
  • Leaders
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Trainers and Facilitators
  • Public Speakers

Cultivate and develop the art of persuasive language. Become a motivator, leader, influencer, and NLP trainer with the certified CTA NLP course in New Zealand.

Learn more about our ICF & ANLP-Approved NLP Course.

Conduct this course in your organization. Become a certified NLP Trainer/Practitioner in New Zealand.

Conduct this course in your organization. Become a certified NLP Practitioner in New Zealand.

ICF Certified Professional Coach Training


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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of success and personal effectiveness, providing unique tools for achieving higher excellence and self-mastery. You will study how we think, feel, act, and understand human beings’ thought process.

    We provide different levels of NLP courses. Our NLP Practitioner Coach course is of 6-days – the minimum duration. Hence, we recommend talking to our Course Consultant to find the best NLP training course as per your requirements.

    There are no exams for any of our NLP courses. You are only required to complete the assignments and other field activities along with training.

    Yes, absolutely. NLP is widely used in businesses to improve management, sales, and performance. NLP is a great tool to develop inter-personal skills; in education to better understand learning styles, develop a rapport with students and parents, and aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools personal development. Many of our students are senior managers, executives, business owners, psychologists, counselors, educators, and lawyers.

    CTA is an ANLP (Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and ICF (International Coach Federation) certified NLP training provider. This also means you become eligible to earn two globally-recognized certifications. Plus, you can become a CTA Certified NLP Practitioner Coach.

    Absolutely. You will have access to all the NLP training materials even after completing your course.

    We provide NLP training worldwide. All our classes are live, interactive, and online.

    CTA gives you the tools to drive changes on a broader level, helping you realize your potential. You can enhance your mindset and influence others towards moving forward. NLP also enables you to identify and tackle self-limiting beliefs and obstacles preventing you from taking your career to the next level.

    Absolutely! NLP tools and techniques are powerful enough to help you realize your potential. You can increase your leadership capabilities as well as skills to coach, communicate, and motivate others.

    Completing the entire NLP course with CTA gives you globally-recognized Certified NLP Practitioner & Coach certification.

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