My Thoughts Create My Emotions

(Everything is made of some sort of energy (proved by physics – i.e., atoms); your thought begins it, your emotions amplifies it, and your action increases the momentum)

(Its a word, that could have different meanings – i.e., discomfort, suffering, physically hurt pointed somewhere in the body ..etc., to different people at different period of times)
– By knowing so, I started to observe that if we have a word, we feel it… – If I change to another word, I will feel somehow differently.

Your reality and the definition of what’s enough registered in your brain can be different for yourself.. when you re-register it differently. You will feel it differently – So, if you tell your brain I hear 15, but I have a capacity of 25, notice how your body will react differently.. you’ll observe then that your body is no longer feeling pain at 15 instead of at 25 reps.. by the magic of re-registering & having different acknowledgment – Thus, pain is a word given by ourselves.. to ourselves.. by how we choose to register and acknowledge the word in our brain.

“BY WORDS, WE LEARN THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS, AND WITH THAT WE LEARN LIFE”: (Words are the feast of the mind, to plant emotions & feelings to manifest or form actions)

I learned to be open to learning new words, experiences, knowing, managing & evolving from time to time – if a word does not exist or been recognized in my world or others due to whatever limitation, i.e., vocabulary learning or where someone could come from (i.e., In Eskimo, there is no word for depression, in Central Africa, there is no word for jealousy, ..etc.) it does not mean the word does not exist, emotions are not felt, or it does not exist to someone else and has its level of emotions and feelings attached to it. This is also similar to when parents don’t want their kids to learn bad words for fear of adding them to their vocabulary and create an impact or reality.

Thus, words are the best tool for human beings to create and sustain meanings and values and raise the capability of influencing change. The articulation of words represents a complete, lived experience that forever endures.

“WE SEE THE WORLD, NOT AS IT IS, BUT AS WE ARE – OR, CONDITIONED TO SEE IT”: (Beauty and truth lies in the eyes of the beholder, we must look at the lens through we see the world, as well as the world, see, and that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world)
(You have the ability to adjust the lens through which you view the world if you want to see a better world, change the lens through which you see it, and do the work to make it better).

To be more mindful, understanding of, be in control of my own emotions and feelings and be able to direct everything around me in the way I intend to, I should be paying more attention, pause and reflect on what my mind is thinking of or focusing at, consciously or unconsciously, as its the key factor to what I say, do or feel with self and others.

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