How do you become a certified life coach in Egypt?

A life coach is someone who applies a professional set of coaching skills to support others in exploring and achieving their most transcendent potential. Life coaches play an integral role in helping their clients recognize their actual dreams, spot what’s standing in their way, and guiding them towards creating more successful and passion-filled lives.

The field of life coaching provides ground-breaking benefits for the coach both on the personal and professional field. In places like Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria in Egypt, Life coach training is a highly in-demand profession. Coach Transformation Academy offers ICF accredited programs for life coach training in Egypt that can be your first step to life coaching.

How do you become a certified life coach in Egypt

Steps to become a Life Coach in Egypt

If you want to be a life coach in Egypt, there are certainly some steps that you need to follow. Here is a step-by-step guide that offers valuable information from training to accreditation as a life coach to gain a clearer insight into the world of certified coaching.

  1. Look for coach training courses that align with your requirements. The training programs accredited/certified by ICF, EMCC, or CCE are considered best for coaches. However, we recommend going with ICF accredited as ICF is the gold standard in the coaching industry.
  2. Any coach training program should have coach-specific training and mentoring. It should give you space and opportunities to reflect and practice coaching.
  3. It is not mandatory to get accredited by ICF, CCE, or EMCC as a coach after completing your training. Yet, getting credentials from any of these gives global credibility as a professional coach. You should also know that none of these coaching bodies gives you a certificate as a “Life Coach.” They only provide you credential level. Each body has a different level. You can get specialized training in your niche or create your own after training.
  4. If you want to get credentialed as a Life Coach from ICF, you must complete at least 60 hours of coach-specific training.
  5. After completing the training, you have to undergo Mentor Coaching. This is required while applying for ICF Credential.
  6. Along with mentoring, you can also start your coaching practice. This is advantageous as you can represent it as your coaching experience hours.
  7. Upon completing 100 hours of coaching experience, you can apply to ICF for Credential. With more experience hours, you can also apply for the next level credential.
  8. You also need to pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment. CKA measure the knowledge and understanding of your coaching skills.
  9. ICF reviews your application once you pass CKA. After you receive ICF Credential, you can start your practice as a professional ICF Life Coach in Egypt or anywhere in the world.

What makes Coach Transformation Academy the best platform for life coaching?

Our training modules are designed with an extensive learning experience. All our training programs are aligned with core coaching competencies and conducted by experienced coaches. Our experiential training programs can help you discover your beliefs, emotions, and values while unleashing your potential as a certified professional life coach.

Do you want to be a life coach in Egypt and embrace the perfect parameters for work-life balance? Then get in touch with us now to know more about life coach training in Egypt!

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