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If you are a certified coach and are a member of any recognized professional coaching organization, then you are most welcome to join us for free as a Coach and start to get coaching clients.

Why Join CoachConnect of Coach Transformation Academy?
  • CoachConnect is the largest and most popular directory of coaches and coaching clients.
  • CoachConnect is FREE and no hidden charges.
  • You can complete your coaching experience hours required by many coaching organizations to certify you and on the other hand you start earning immediately.
  • Coach Transformation Academy is constantly developing and enhancing CoachConnect’s features to meet the needs of the coaches we train and register and the clients you get.
  • You will benefit from our huge investments in marketing campaign that we do to promote our organization and coaches.
  • Our registered coaches have earned more than they do by investing in their marketing campaigns themselves. You will realize this after registering.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to write to