It is more about creating awareness about my own emotions

When you observe yourself in a way that creates a deep awareness of your own behaviors, actions, and thought process, and that awareness leads you to learn, adapt, and improve more is called reflection. If you are only observing yourself and your experiences and not learning to improve, there is no reflection.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill to learn about the emotions of self and others; it helps you understand how to manage your emotions. It is more about creating awareness about my own emotions so that I can manage my behavior more efficiently.

Though there are many things that I took away from our first session. However, Reflection, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Psychological safe place are the key learning points.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) not only makes you good to manage your emotions but also makes you a better human being. Another thing that held me for a while is why we don’t say what we want to say to others; I always thought because we don’t want to lose the relationship with that person, and I could completely relate to it.

It is about identifying the right source and being in that moment to have meaningful communication. There is a lot of need to “let go” to get to the core of your emotional management system. I am currently exercising this “Let Go” skill, and I realized how easy life is when you start practicing this. You connect with the source easily, avoid a lot of unwanted and unnecessary conflicts, be it in your personal or professional space.

EI is already helping me create self-awareness about my feelings and emotions towards my family, friends, and others. It will help a lot in gaining the ability to exercise restraint and control when expressing emotions. I know that this will also make me find my inner ambition rather than influenced by external forces. I noticed a change in myself that when I talk to others, I observe feelings and emotions that I am driving through at that moment and working on controlling those emotions accordingly. It definitely helps you a lot in maintaining good relationships with around you.

Communicating and dealing with people are the required skills in the workplace, but there are many skills you need to have. I believe that I can improve my focus towards goal setting, plan of action, and, most importantly, achieving those goals. When we practice Emotional Intelligence and apply it to our lives, I think it makes us a better human being to create a great and safe atmosphere for ourselves and others.

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