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ICF Life Coaching Certification Courses in Tehran, Iran
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Life coaching is one of the most selling courses and most demanded coaching course in Iran and the world now. People look forward to life coaching to enhance and develop inner potential for personal and professional life. Coach Transformation Academy claims to be the best coaching certification training institutes in Iran. Coach Transformation Academy is an ICF accredited coaching certification training institute in Iran offers ICF accredited Life Coaching certification training in Tehran, Iran to working professionals and aspiring coaches who wish to become a professional life coach. Coach Transformation Academy would like to recommend aspiring coaches to choose ICF approved coaching certification training institute and ICF accredited coaching certification training courses only as ICF (International Coach Federation) is the highest recognized body in the world which is known for its coaching standards. You might start your business after becoming a coach but ICF credentials will give you an ability to start practicing coaching professionally not just in Iran but anywhere in the world. Our life coaching certification is an approved course from ICF as an ICF accredited professional coaching certification training program which is covered in 60 hours of coach training and 10 hours of mentoring sessions.

We have split the mentoring sessions in two parts to meet the criteria and requirement of ICF, you will undergo 7 hours of group mentoring sessions and 3 hours of one on one mentoring sessions and you will be required to coach your peer coach and on the basis of your performance we will be providing an analyzed and detailed feedback to make you improve and enhanced your life coaching skills during this mentoring sessions.


Coach Transformation Academy as an ICF approved coaching certification training institute covers this program in 60 hours of coach training and all these 60 hours of coaching training are led by instructor as face to face classroom trainings. Our online sessions are also instructor led sessions. Coach Transformation Academy conducts this program in Tehran, Iran as 4 days of classroom training in which coaches will be completing 32 hours of coach training of 60 hours. This complete course will take 3 months to complete from the time you attend the first workshop in Tehran, Iran. Those who want to attend this course online due to their busy schedule can join this course online as well which take 3 months to get completed.


This ICF accredited coaching certification training program will also help you discover unleashing your potential and how emotions, beliefs and values can block anyone to unleash their potential. Life coaching is about understanding different aspects of life and how these aspects impact us and our emotions. Those who have undergone this life coaching certification program have called this program a life changing program. Coach Transformation Academy will also cover how life coaching can help coaches to identify the real purpose of life. After this course is completed you will become an ICF certified life coach and you can start your own business as a coach in Tehran in Iran or anywhere else in the world.


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