How to Select the Best Coach Training Institute in the UAE?

Coaching in UAE has been always associated with a rich history in professional and business life, but only in recent years the process of coaching, as well as the coaches, have become more familiarized and recognized as a full-fledged formalized profession. You can find professional coaches in almost every field including life coaching, NLP, linguistics, executive coaching and a variety of other courses that may intent to save the personal as well as professional side of the person opting for the course.

Coaching credentials and certifications have become indispensable, and to ensure that coaches have essential tools at their disposal, selecting the best coach training institute is necessary. Here are some tips that may help you to pick the best among the rest. Have a look!

  1. Accreditation of the coach certification program

Essentially there are three main coaching bodies named International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) that gives coaching credentials. These accreditation bodies have developed certain standards for every coach training provider to ensure that the curriculum aligns with the best coaching practices. Also, check if the coach training providers have renewed their accreditation or not.

  1. Do the trainers have credentials?

When you consider a coach training program, choosing experienced coaching trainers with awarded coaching credentials is crucial. Be sure to ask what credentials your trainer has so that you know what you are paying for.

  1. Does mentoring come in the coaching package, or you have to bear the extra cost?

Mentoring is an important part of your coach training. Enquire if your training program includes mentoring and if yes, do you have to pay extra or it or is inclusive of your program fees.

  1. Does the training model meets your list of objectives?

This is crucial because if you have decided to opt for coaching, then you may have in mind the alterations that you are desperately waiting for. Besides that you also need to find out what other courses has to offer so that you can conduct an analytical comparison, find out what each course has to offer and what you exactly want in your course.

  1. Never go for someone who overpromises to “sell” you

If the coaching program is far away from authenticity, then you will always observe an overzealous salesperson will promise you things that sound too good to be true. Ask tons of questions before you commit and make sure to not go for false promises.

The bottom line
Even though coaching hasn’t become a fully regulated profession, yet there are some specific standards and competencies that are expected from any coach. Becoming a coach requires substantial investment in terms of money and time, hence it is worth doing a bit more homework. Conduct a brainstorming analysis for every coach training institute available in UAE before you commit to one institute and make every bit of your time and money worth your coaching.

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