How to protect your mental health in COVID-19 outbreak

“I’ve found it tougher than I ever thought I would,” “You feel so out of control,” “What can I do to help someone else who might be feeling like this?” – We’ve heard and read so many people around us feeling the same way as you and me. Of course, it’s okay to be feeling sad and stressed in these turbulent times. But, what’s not okay is to let the Coronavirus pandemic affect our mental health. Did you know that anxiety sufferers may mistake their symptoms with physical illness?

So, what can we do to keep ourselves mentally healthy? In between washing hands, stock-piling and maintaining social distancing, let’s help each other to stay calm and centered for whatever our future holds. Here are the few tips to stay positive and focused among the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Know your facts: The Internet is flooded with news (and fake news). Anxiety escalates, and fantasies flourish in the absence of information. Trust only the facts released from the official health regulatory. By sharing accurate information about COVID-19, you can help make people feel less stressed.

“Under stress, people are unlikely to rethink the filters through which they see reality. It’s our responsibility to pay attention to our own most valued sources of information and to follow up-to-date instructions.”


  • Identify the source: Coronavirus is not the only thing causing stress in our lives. Economic resources, social life, personal relationship, work pressure – there are so many stressors in life. Sure, the current pandemic will hit you harder than any of these. Hence, identifying your source of stress, anxiety, fear, and so many other unnamed negative feelings can help you deal with it more effectively.

“It is normal to feel overwhelmed. We should stop labeling ourselves as “weak” or compare ourselves to others. Everyone is confronting challenges we may not fully recognize or understand.”


  • Avoid blaming & shaming: It’s easy to play the blame game, especially when someone walking behind you is constantly coughing. We easily fall into the shaming scheme when survival anxiety is high. We all forget that we’re humans. We all share the same emotions.

“Anxiety can be useful when it signals a problem and motivates us to unite to solve it. If we make a deliberate effort to hold on to our humanity, it can bring us together.”


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Some of us underreact, and some of us overreact. Everyone may not be mentally strong enough to cope up with the current situation. And every one of us is not qualified enough to give the correct advice. So, why not take help from experts when they’re ready to help us? Many coaches, practitioners, and doctors are providing free help online.

“Anxiety will rise if we suspend or ignore expert counsel. Passivity and inaction make anxiety grow. So, instead of giving up, take help.”


It’s essential to try to manage our own anxiety and do our best not to pass it on to others during this stressful time. Do not let fear or anxiety lead us into isolation or stop us from acting with clarity, compassion, and courage. We provide free coaching to help people stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Spread the word to your loved ones and to those who wish to move forward with hope and love.


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