How to Get Started as a Career Coach in Saudi Arabia?

Career Coach Saudi Arabia

Do you want to be a career coach in Saudi Arabia? But don’t know where to start from or what can lead you to what you want to become? This blog will give you an idea about how you can become a certified career coach in Saudi Arabia.

What is Career Coaching?

Let’s start by clearing the first misconception. Career coaching is not career counseling. A career coach works with students, job seekers, and even professionals and executives looking for a change in profession. A Career Coach helps or assists the client:

  • Identifying the career goals and areas of interest.
  • Determine the mental blocks that are holding them from utilizing their potential.
  • Assess their full potential.
  • Encourage the clients to address the issues creating roadblocks in their path to success and neutralize the same with self-effort and awareness.
  • Decide their career trajectories through self-realization.
  • Constant motivation to explore options in enhancing existing skills and learning new ones.

Sessions with career coaches are meant to motivate the client to seek self-worth to become more confident in their career approach.

How to become a Career Coach in Saudi Arabia?

Becoming a career coach in Saudi Arabia or, in fact, anywhere in the world does not necessarily require you to certify. However, getting a certification from well-known coaching bodies like ICF, EMCC, or CCE gives you higher credibility as a professional coach.

As far as course accreditations and coaching credentials are concerned, we recommend getting trained with an ICF, EMCC, CCE, or worldwide recognized coaching organizations that provide certification to coach practitioners.

If you want to achieve a coaching credential from ICF or EMCC, you must complete coach-specific training from an ICF or EMCC accredited coach trainer. Each coaching body has its criteria for certification, and only an ICF/EMCC certified coach can provide training for ICF/EMCC credentials.

When we talk about Career Coaching in Saudi Arabia or any coaching niche, you should understand ICF or EMCC does not give you a Life Coach, Career Coach, Business Coach, or any other specific coaching certifications. They only provide credentials as mentioned below:

ICF – The aspirant will have to get certified in any one of the three pathways, and then get credentialed accordingly:

  • ACC (Associated Certified Coach) – At least 60 coach training hours and 100 hours of coaching experience.
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) – At least 125 coach training hours and 500 hours of coaching experience.
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach) – At least 200 coach training hours and 2500 hours of coaching experience.

EMCC – The EMCC European Individual Accreditation or EIA attests to the credibility and expertise of a practicing coach. As a coach, depending upon your experiences, you can apply for:

  • Foundation – 1 year of experience practicing as a coach with a minimum of 5 clients and 50 hours of client sessions. Requires 16 continuous professional development hours per year and 1 hour of coach supervision per quarter.
  • Practitioner – 3 years of practice with a minimum of 10 clients and 100 client session hours accompanied by 16 hours of continuous professional development every year and 1 hour per quarter of coach supervision.
  • Senior Practitioner – 5 years of experience practicing as a coach with at least 20 clients for a minimum of 250 hours. Needs to complete 32 hours of continuous professional development each year and 1 hour of coach supervision for every 35 hours of practice.
  • Master Practitioner – 7 years of experience as a practicing coach with a minimum of 40 clients and 500 hours of client sessions, combined with 48 hours of continuous professional development every year and 1 hour of coach supervision for every 35 hours of practice.

The requirements vary for coaches who have completed an EQA course or equivalent accredited training/qualification or are ICF credentialed members.


Do you want to become a certified career coach in Saudi Arabia? Then, check out the certifications offered by the Coach Transformation Academy. It is one of the leading global coach training institutes, which provides aspiring coaches with ICF accredited training programs, enabling them to hone the core competencies of becoming a practitioner. Browse through their extensive range of course modules and certifications or seek an initial consultation for clarity on their offerings.

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