How to get ICF Credentials?

icf credential

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a globally recognized organization for coaches. ICF certificate is the next step that you take after completing coach training. It is not mandatory. However, an ICF credential gives you an edge among other non-credentialed professionals. Above all, ICF credential adds credibility to one’s ability and skills as a coach. It also means that the person is proficient in the core coaching competencies, the code of conduct, and the coach of ethics.

What is ICF Credentialing?

ICF Credential is an independent certificate received post the ICF evaluation for the coach’s competency and ability to fulfill his/her coaching duties. This indicates ICF coaches upholds the highest standards of the coaching profession. The certificate makes coaches the part of an elite network of coaches bringing accountability through their practice.

You can only obtain ICF Credential after going through comprehensive education and coach-specific training. Additionally, you need to show your practiced hours with the clients. These coaching hours should demonstrate your utmost commitment and integrity to the coaching profession.

Why is it important to get ICF Credential?

The ICF credential proves one’s commitment towards the professional and ethical standards as a coach. An ICF coach is also someone highly dedicated to the clients’ success and fulfillment. Plus, being an ICF coach, you can list yourself in the ICF’s directory of coaches. This helps you get clients and exposure as a certified professional coach.

What is the eligibility to apply for an ICF Credential?

You must complete an ICF accredited training program (coach-specific) and coaching experience to apply for credentials. People enrolled under a non-accredited program which meets the requirements of ICF credential can apply as well. In such a case, ICF reviews the non-accredited program module.

What are the Different Levels of ICF Credentialing?

There are three levels of ICF credentialing:

  1. ACC
  2. PCC
  3. MCC

The level of the training and experience hours completed plays the key part in applying for ICF Credential. For example:

  • You complete 60 hours of coach-specific training
  • 120 hours of coaching experience
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching

In this case, you can apply for ACC credentialing. Likewise, you can apply for the other two levels. The eligibility for each credentialing varies. To conclude, it depends on the number of coach training hours, mentor coaching hours, coach experience hours, etc.

How long does ICF take to review the credential application?

The time taken to review depends on the type of pathway you trained in. For instance, the application under the ICF-ACSTH takes around 4 weeks for review by ICF. While in ICF-ACTP, ICF takes at least 14 weeks to review credential application. ICF takes up to 18 weeks for portfolio paths and MCC credential evaluation.

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