How to get an ICF membership?

ICF Membership

The International Coaching Federation is the gold standard in professional coaching. The members of ICF are reckoned as the experts with higher coaching standards. They are known for their brilliant professional coaching skills coupled with immense industry expertise. Getting ICF membership can empower coaches to better serve on their coaching journey and equip clients with sophisticated, new-age coaching skills. With ICF memberships, coaches can do networking and achieve stellar levels of professional development through lifelong learning.

Why get ICF membership

ICF has a detailed set of standards for professional coaching qualification, quality, and competence. So, when you collaborate with a globally reputed coaching federation, you can be part of an expert coaching community built through co-created achievements and professional collaborative partnership. In a nutshell, your ICF membership will provide credibility, community support, and opportunities for continuous growth. As an ICF member, you can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

As an ICF member, you also get access to business development and professional growth opportunities. You also become a member of the local and global ICF coaching communities. Plus, ICF also offers a vast research database and hosts events that you can join for free that are otherwise paid for. Along with this you also get access Member toolkit, directory, learning portal, and Community of Practice.

ICF also offers corporate and organizational membership.

Eligibility criteria for ICF membership

If you want to become a member of the International Coaching Federation, then you must meet any of the following criteria:

  • Hold an ICF credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC)
  • Joined 60 hours of coach-specific training in a coaching program that has either the ACSTH or ACTP pathway. This is applicable for the new members only who don’t hold an ICF credential.
  • Have successfully completed a coach-specific training program of 60 hours that is in adherence with the ICF training requirements.

Which training qualifies as coach-specific?

Training that qualifies as coach-specific training includes:

  • Training from an ACTP or ACSTH program
  • Training from a CCE provider with a maximum of 12 hours outside the core competencies.
  • Training that teaches how to draw practical applications of coaching skills per the ICF core competencies.

Training programs that involve personal development courses or education (like counseling, NLP, psychology, etc.) aren’t accepted as coach-specific training.

How to be a part of ICF’s global community of coaches?

  • For one, you can start with your application here. You can also fill out this form offline and fax it to ICF Headquarters. The price for ICF membership may change.
  • After you complete your membership application, you can affiliate with your local ICF chapter. As ICF has more than 120 chapters in 50-plus countries, you can be a part of chapter events, valuable continuing coaching education, and more.
  • Use your coaching credential to connect with clients across the globe or power your pro bono initiatives.


After getting an ICF membership, you can participate in ICF communities of practice and enjoy free and discounted access to ICF industry research reports. Since the day of its inception, the ICF has evolved to become the hub of all things coaching.

Keep coaching!

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