How do you become a certified coach in Singapore?

Coaches worldwide recognize ICF as the industry leader in coaching to maintain high standards and create a stellar reputation. It is the largest governing body for individuals worldwide that regulates, builds. It supports the integrity of the coaching industry through standards and programs supported by the individual coaches.

Aspiring coaches who want to tap into their potential, unlock their coaching potential to get certified to establish their name as a brand in the coaching industry. ICF certified coaching in Singapore is in vogue within the corporate world nowadays. By choosing an ICF accredited coach training program, you can rest assured that you are getting qualitative training.

How do you become a certified coach in Singapore

Get certified and begin your journey as a professional coach

In the past few decades, Singapore has turned out to be the hub of professional coach training because of the booming corporate sector and individuals’ heightened emphasis on self-growth. If you aspire to pick coaching as a full-fledged profession, then certification is crucial. Here’s a four-step approach for simplifying your journey of coach training in Singapore.

If you are seeking coaching training in Singapore, the first step is to outline your coaching objectives. For example, trying to align your company’s goals and train your employees to work more productively. In that case, you can choose the beginners’ associate coach training program. But if you want to adopt coaching as a full-time profession, then the ICF Certificate is the best option.

Find a structured coach training program, preferably ICF approved ACSTH or ACTP training pathway, and understand its difference.

STEP-1: Complete the training and mentor coaching hours
To establish a firm understanding of ICF’s core ethics and principles, it is essential to complete the coach-specific training hours certified by ICF. You need to complete a minimum of 60 hours of coach training (for ICF-ACC) or 100 hours (ICF-PCC) and 10 hours of mentor coaching.

STEP-2: Complete Coaching Experience
Depending on the credential level you’re aiming for, ICF requires you to complete at least 100 hours for ACC level and 500 hours of coaching experience for the PCC level.

STEP-3: Apply for Credential and pass CKA
After completing your coaching experience hours, you can apply for ICF credential by submitting all the necessary documents for Performance Evaluation. Once you submit the application, you will receive a link to the Coach Knowledge Assessment test. If you pass this test, then ICF will review your application.

The bottom line

Coach Transformation Academy provides experiential ICF-accredited coaching in Singapore. CTA coach training in Singapore is interactive, engaging, and led by experienced coaches. To know more about our programs, contact us on

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